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Tell me about roofing...

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shovetheholly Wed 09-Mar-16 13:30:03

Not the most scintillating conversation I know, but I could really use some help.

I'm sick of patching up our hipped roof. I've had it re-pointed (if that's the right word) three times, and yet every winter there is a new leak. Tiles keep slipping too. It is about 90 years old, so probably time for it to be replaced.

It seems to be about the most basic roof you can get. It's literally just bits of wood with slate tiles nailed on them. It lets in lots of cold air and it's absolutely filthy - loads of black dust just descends all the time. As I said, it's never properly watertight.

I need to get it redone, but I'd also like to insulate and make it generally bright and clean up there so I can put in some proper storage instead of just shoving stuff up and then running away from the spiders as fast as I can. I'm not interested in a full room or windows or anything (there's nowhere to put stairs), but I would like it floored and lit and not dirty.

What should I do?

Twinsareplenty Wed 09-Mar-16 13:47:42

Only asnwer really is to get it reroofed with a breathable membrane under the slates - that will stop any draughts. Then you can put kingspan insulation between the rafters if you want to make it more usable.

shovetheholly Wed 09-Mar-16 14:05:38

twins - thank you! Will the membrane stop the dirt coming in?

And can I do those insulation boards underneath, between the beams and then a layer of chipboard? I'd like the additional insulation - but I'm worried what happens if the roof leaks?

engineersthumb Thu 10-Mar-16 23:06:45

There are two different types of roof (well major categories in this regard),hot roof and cold roof. A cold roof is effectively what you have, membrane, roof batten and tiles and insulation layer on the ceiling. When in good condition will be cold but dry. A hot roof is similar but insulation sits on and between the roof trusses.Only word of caution is don't put insulation between the trusses of a cold roof without addressing airflow etc as this could encourage rot etc. Best to have a think about what you want to use it for and get advice from the roofer on hot roof/cold roof.

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