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help - grout not hardened and tiler ignoring my calls.

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fruitandvegbaskettablecloth Wed 09-Mar-16 12:50:01

Was wondering if anyone could help as DH and i and any mates we've asked dont really know what to suggest...

Also, sorry if this is long, just want to explain myself fully.

I had a new ensuite tiled mid october 2015 and the whole build project (loft conversion) was signed off by building control mid december 2015.

We had to wait until late jan 2016 for our decorator and the whole house was finished around 1st week february 2016. Chose carpet for the new bedroom and that was fitted end February.

I finally get round to cleaning the room thoroughly (not the quick sweep over when still was being decorated) early March 2016.

I couldnt get the floor to clean and realised that the grey flexible grout was soft and it rubbed off on the damp microfibre cloth. Wasnt being rough, just light normal wiping with cloth.

I then went to an inconspicious area and with the lightest of pressure, my finger nail left a streak mark down the grout on the floor.

We have looked at the shower area grout and it is exactly the same.

We are not sure if this is right and if we can actually use the shower if the grout is disintegrating off.

The tiler was recommended by the sub contractor plumber.

I called the tiler last week and he ignored two calls/ texts on two days and i finally got a call answered on friday 4th march.

On friday i was jubilant as he said he would come over monday 7th. Of course he didnt turn up!

Called the plumber yesterday and he said the tiler's parent had been taken ill and thats why he might not have got back to me.

The tiler has no website and i only know his first name and telephone number. The tiling is well enough done except for this grout.

5 months we've been waiting to use this room!!!

Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do?

Called another tiler we used before (were really pleased with) and left quick asking of he did grout removal and regrouting.

We are both just so disappointed and dont know what to do next/

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Would be really grateful!

fruitandvegbaskettablecloth Wed 09-Mar-16 12:54:24

i should say - how long should we wait for this tiler to get back to us if he does at all?

Twinsareplenty Wed 09-Mar-16 13:49:30

I would take pics of the problem and then go to a local independent tile shop and ask their advice. Sounds like you may never get the tiler back to fix it.

fruitandvegbaskettablecloth Wed 09-Mar-16 14:29:35

hi, thanks for that.
had thought about that but we have no left over grout or packaging left, so no idea what the brand of grout is and what sealant would be compatible.

AgathaF Wed 09-Mar-16 17:41:55

Can you google him with first name, tiler and area to get more details about him, or can the plumber who knows him provide these? You might find he is more amenable to fixing it if you can write to him.

WRT using the shower, I wouldn't think you can until the grouting is sorted. Twins suggestion of paying a visit to local tile shop is good, even if you don't know what product has been used, they may have suggestions of what the problem is and if there's anything you can do to fix it other than scraping it all out and grouting again.

Liara Wed 09-Mar-16 20:46:35

I would just scrape it off and re grout.

Use one of those groutings that come as a powder you mix with water, it may be he used one of the ready mixed ones which are rubbish. In order to stop them setting in the pack they have to have stuff in them that delays the setting, and maybe the batch he used was just bad.

Grouting is not a huge job if you can take the existing grout off easily. You just mix the powder with water in the right proportions, put it in all the gaps and start to clean it off as soon as it is clouding over over the tiles. Then let dry for 24 hours and seal if it is not one of the ones with sealant pre incorporated.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 10-Mar-16 12:14:02

Presume you have paid for it in full by now?

It should have been dry within a couple of days so you definitely have a problem.
Get his full contact details from your plumber, home address etc.
Leave a message with Tiler A to say that if you don't hear from him by Close of Business on Friday to reschedule for next week, you are going to contact a new Tiler on Monday [who has been recommended to you] to redo the work and that you are expecting a return of cash for the full cost of removing the grout and regrouting. State that you will pursue him for the cost through the small claims court if it is not forthcoming.

lalalonglegs Thu 10-Mar-16 14:19:14

Did he definitely use grout? There's no chance he could have decided to silicone the tiles in, is there??? Either way, you'll have to remove it and start again - I'd guess something like a small pointing trowel would help you get the stuff out. Sadly, if you don't know the guy's name, I think you will have little chance of getting money back.

notonyurjellybellynelly Thu 10-Mar-16 14:24:10

clean it off as soon as it is clouding over over the tiles

What does this mean please?

Liara Thu 10-Mar-16 20:07:40

The stuff is relatively clear when it is wet, when it starts to dry it makes the tiles look cloudy, that is the right time to start cleaning it off.

If you leave it too long and it dries too much on the tiles it is a lot harder to get it off the tiles.

Liara Thu 10-Mar-16 20:08:42

I mean it is relatively clear where it is really really thin over the tiles, the stuff itself is whatever colour it is supposed to be (although it will usually be darker when wet, and dry to the colour on the packet).

notonyurjellybellynelly Fri 11-Mar-16 03:06:32

Thanks for that smile

I thought it came out the packet all chalky and stayed chalky. blush

Liara Fri 11-Mar-16 20:12:55

What do you mean all chalky?

It is a powder in the packet. You mix it with water to make a paste. After a while it goes hard like a stone.

fruitandvegbaskettablecloth Sat 12-Mar-16 15:19:44

thanks for the suggestions, looks like we'll have to remove grout and start again.

we have a sink unit, toilet and shower in the room. what on earth do we do about the grout behind the cistern,vanity unit and under the shower frame?

Presume we will have to take out all the suite and totally start again? sad

AgathaF Sat 12-Mar-16 15:40:03

I would just take out all that you can get to and then re-do it. I can't see the point in removing things like the cistern and behind the vanity unit as those areas aren't going to get wet anyway providing they've been siliconed. When you say under the shower frame, do you mean under the tray, or under the edge of the screen/door where it fixes to the wall? If it's the door, it should be easy to unscrew it to do behind that, or alternatively running silicone each side of the frame should make it watertight.

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