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Painting ikea metal filing cabinet

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Lasize Wed 09-Mar-16 08:09:20

I would like to paint this filing cabinet. It is coated in polyester powder coating but is pretty textured and not smooth. I have some left over f&b eggshell and floor paint. Do I need to use primer first? I am hoping not!

engineersthumb Wed 09-Mar-16 08:37:28

I wouldn't paint the filling cabinet at all as almost whatever you use will chip off. Neither Eggshell or floor paint will adhear corectly or be hard wearing. If you really want to do it properly have it sand blastrd and powder coated. If you really must paint it then spray it with an acrylic and ideally spay a coat of lacquer on it afterwards.
Whatever you do don't brush paint asit will look like some ghastly changing rooms/blue peter abortion.

Lasize Wed 09-Mar-16 10:00:10

Thanks for your advice. My plan is not a good one then. Damn! Anyone else painted one and regretted it?

Quodlibet Thu 10-Mar-16 19:50:46

You could paint it but not with eggshell! You'd need to spray it with enamel paint. You can get it in lots of colours and it's not expensive.

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