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Costs to fit a patio door

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Temporaryanonymity Mon 07-Mar-16 09:07:36

I'm in the process of buying a 1970s townhouse which needs a new kitchen. The kitchen is square, small and badly planned. I'd like to take out the back door to give more room in the kitchen and fit patio doors in the adjoining dining room.

I'm on a tight budget and wanted some rough idea of costs for this.

kiwifluff25 Mon 07-Mar-16 16:05:00

We've just had a window opened up into patio doors, we're paying £200 for fitting and around £700 for the doors (made to our specifications as the hole is quite tall).

We could have got them for £580 from another supplier but it would of meant that we'd have to wait 2 weeks+ for manufacture and we just have a huge boarded up hole there at present.

Hope that helps.

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