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Ikea Ekestad in oak - yes? no? Anyone used it?

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shovetheholly Fri 04-Mar-16 14:28:01

Kitchen will be 4m long, galley style. In an extension that's being designed to look both modern and 'hairy' (green roof, cedar shingles). I love wood (ahem, that sounds wrong), so incorporating lots of different kinds is a bit of a thing. However, I do not want it to look like I have gone mad in a carpenter's shop.

The layout will be simple. Worktop and wall cupboards down one side, worktop alone down the other (there will be no wall, as open plan). There are no L or U shapes.

I'm thinking of going for the Ikea Ekestad in the light oak (not the dark style). Concerns are:

- will the lip of the door drive me mad when cleaning?
- will it look dated in a few years?
- should I mix and match with high gloss white so it's not so monolithic?
- would an oak effect worktop look too much on top of this?

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