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Have no idea what to do

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Iwantmymaidennameback Thu 03-Mar-16 23:07:13

I have found a rental house and am in process of application being completed.
But I have no idea what I am expected to do before moving in.
do I need to contact gas, electricity and water suppliers before I move in or after i move in?
Re phone and internet. Does the same phone number stay in? How do I arrange broadband before moving in?
Am very confused as not rented before so any advice would be great

ChelseaNannyTree Fri 04-Mar-16 17:49:11

Hello smile

Congrats on renting your first place. Have you been asked to give references to the Landlord/letting manager? If so, have these come back?

First off.. wait until you have a move in date. Then when you move in take photos of the ENTIRE flat. Print these and send these (by email or recorded delivery) to the Landlord/Lettings manager detailing any aspects of the flat which is damaged. This means that you have recorded of the condition of the flat when you moved in. Yes, they landlord will have their own itinerary - but you should have your own and double check theirs to make sure they are the same.

Gas, Elec & Water readings on the day you move in. Book broadband for the day after you move in (incase there is a delay!) advise them you will be moving in to the property on the date and ask if there is any fee if you have to change the date - phone number will probably differ (do you need a landline??) but you may be able to bring your current phone number with you!

specialsubject Fri 04-Mar-16 18:58:58


there should be a proper check-in but yes, your own photos won't do any harm

read the how to rent booklet that is on the gov.uk website, and you should also be given or emailed a copy. Get informed of your rights, many on here are not.

get on the case of ordering broadband/phone now, as that takes a while. Go to one of the broadband choices sites, tap in the post code and see what comes up. Then set it up with your chosen supplier. I'd recommend asking for a different number to avoid all the previous tenant's calls. Be aware that you will get someone's recycled number whatever you do as there are no new landline numbers left in the UK.

Ask the agent now if they can tell you who the gas/electric supplier is. When you arrive, take the meter readings. You take over with the same supplier, but can then switch if you want - you should certainly do a comparison.

specialsubject Fri 04-Mar-16 18:59:30

oh yes, contact the council to take over the council tax, and set up your post redirect.

once all is 100% confirmed, of course.

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