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Kitchen dithering

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AButterflyLightsBesideUs Thu 03-Mar-16 11:06:23

I had some great pointers and suggestions the other week on here, and we are a few steps forward but still feeling very indecisive.

We've nailed the actual design, ie. layout/unit sizes, that's great. We are not doing so well on the look.

I think we have ruled out solid wood (just can't take the stress & maintenaince) & laminate wood effect (not sufficiently convincing) as worktops.

We'll be continuing our warm rustic oak effect floor through the kitchen from other rooms.

After suggestions from MNers we are looking seriously at quartz worktops and have a raft of samples being sent from DIY kitchens where it is surprisingly affordable.

Unit wise, we are going white (I think!). But matt or gloss? Handles or handleless? Slab or shaker? This is where it all gets a bit confused.

I think I really like this look which we could acheive with the Luca range at DIY kitchens - not sure about matt or gloss though? Would gloss get fingerprinty if you have no handles?

Also considering a handled kitchen and got a sample door of this. Think this is DH's preference, he thinks handleless is a bit "unfinished" looking, I think this one could be a bit meh.

This morning I've had a wibble and wondered if it's all a bit minimalist... and looked at this Shaker style painted. This is stupid isn't it? The groove will fill with filth and piss me off won't it?

I want easy clean for definite. The base units will be almost entirely drawers if that makes any difference?

And worktop colours? Definitely not super dark black/graphitey colours, it's not the brightest of rooms (due north). I do love the idea of white/ish quartz but is it a nightmare? Does it get tea/wine/turmeric/coffee stained easily? Thought maybe a grey like this? Speckled/lightly speckled effect obv has it's advantages in the case of stains over time.

Wise MNers help me before DH bludgeons me to death for my endless dithering!

langlandgirl Thu 03-Mar-16 12:12:30

just had a great chuckle at your post Butterfly Am in exactly the same situation, exactly the same questions but without having the layout sorted yet blush. The only thing i have properly decided on is a copper/brass matt tap which i am having to have shipped from either Sweden or the US! Now I've posted I am going to peruse your links!

langlandgirl Thu 03-Mar-16 12:17:28

I started with the plain white matt look and have gradually dithered progressed to a soft very light grey green with subtle veined marble look worktop (not laminate and not marble and not Minerva!). No idea what units i can get it in that colour that will be in our price range. Our kitchen is internal at the back and then lit from the patio doors at the front so we too are having a problem with managing light.

I also went back to shaker 3 days ago but don't like the fiddly lines in most of the ones in my budget. If I'm going shaker i'd like something with calm lines similar to deVOL. I am driving myself steadily mad. I don't dream very often and every night my dreams have got progressively weirder and always feature a bl**dy kitchen! If i had another £5k in the budget i may find it easier to dither less!

langlandgirl Thu 03-Mar-16 12:20:05

Gloss will definitely drive you mad if you don't like wiping your cabinets every few days/can't ignore it! Was round at my sisters last week and she has cashmere colour slab gloss and they were covered in dirty little fingermarks! I also think that matt handless will last the trends of time better.

langlandgirl Thu 03-Mar-16 12:23:01

I really like all the kitchens on Blakes of London however i am not even going to bother calling them as i am sure they are £££££'s

sorry for all the posts - i am high on coffee and am avoiding what i should be doing by devouring images of expensive kitchens on Houzz and Mumsnet putting our kitchen & building costings together

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Thu 03-Mar-16 12:37:26

I know what you mean about it taking over your brain!

I saw your post and looked up DeVOL. They look very classy and very expensive! Have you considered bespoke? Or a carpenter who can tweak the standard units? eg if you got a bespoke painted finish you could have cupboard doors from one range and drawers from another, but they would be the same finish, same handles? I know DIY kitchens do some of their painted kitchens as "bespoke painted" Ie choose your colour.

Thing is, we have white gloss at the moment (just a shite layout, horrible green worktop, nasty & badly fitted tiles & green lino courtesy of the previous owners). I know people say gloss gets dirty but I honestly don't find it a problem - one quick wipe every day or so on the cupboard next to the dishwasher, the cutlery drawer and the cupbaord with the bin and it's fine. Never noticed fingerprints, but we have handles at the moment so I wondered if that was the key. My 4 yo DD has also never been remotely interested in fiddling in kitchen cupboards which probably helps. But if we have another DC it could be different!...
The gloss bounces the light around the room nicely too. Lots of people say white gloss is now rather passe, which may well be true but tbh I don't care, we've never been "on trend"!

I think this is the sink for us and we'll get a tall single lever tap of some description.
Chosen the range too so not totally useless.

It's just such a huge thing to commit to. And I will blame myself if we get it wrong! DH keeps sighing and saying "oh just have what you want" but it's tricky because I don't think we like quite the same thing and I don't want to go for something he isn't keen on especially as he will be the one fitting it

langlandgirl Thu 03-Mar-16 13:14:36

Yep - just before reading your post i thought why not get a decent shaker style cupboard and slab style drawers with nice little cup handles for the drawers and wood knobs in unit colour, drawers and cupboards in the same matt finish colour. Am going to run that past some of the people quoting for us and see if that's possible.

Nice and easy for you then if you already have gloss and know it doesn't bother you and looks good!

What about gloss white handless and bamboo worktops like this

ftm123 Thu 03-Mar-16 13:32:45

Fellow ditherer. Parking a place to get updates!

namechangedtoday15 Thu 03-Mar-16 14:21:03

I think it just comes down to personal choice. I have the Luca matt white from DIY kitchens (although 2 weeks from it all coming out when we start an extension) and I think if you want a white kitchen, at that sort of price, you can't got wrong. It is amazingly easy to clean, looks lovely, never shows finger prints or looks grubby. Every few days I wipe the kind of internal bit of the handle on the cupboards most used (so the bin cupboard and the cutlery drawers) but it is a dream to clean. In fact I think we have the exact same stools at the island unit as on that photo. We have a very pale grey quartz worktop.

Personally, I think white doesn't lend itself very well to the shaker style - I think white is too modern / crisp, I think you'd have to go with a colour.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Thu 03-Mar-16 14:38:40

Welcome ftm to DitherersRUs. What are you dithering over/between?

Thank you namechanged that's really helpful to hear from someone who's had the Luca. How many years have you had it? Has it scratched or marked at all?
I know what you mean about white shaker - the alabaster/pale greys etc look better in it. We had a shaker style cheapie oak veneer kitchen in our first house and I vowed never again, I got really irritated with the gungy corners. Trying to remind myself of that.

Lovely pic langlandgirl. We're going wood style floor though and I think trying to match floor & worktop nicely would prove impossible so thinking of a non wood surface. Also I don't want to be fretting about water damage on the wood.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 03-Mar-16 14:58:59

Had it about 18 months maybe and no, hasn't marked or scratched. Really looks exactly the same as when it went in.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Thu 03-Mar-16 16:02:06

Thank you, that's very reassuring. Can I ask about your quartz too? What is it like in terms of stain resistance? And standing pools of water - do they mark/damage it? Has it been easy to look after? Thank you!

namechangedtoday15 Thu 03-Mar-16 17:05:08

I was a little massively over protective of it when it first went in and nearly sold a child when he got felt tip on it (it wiped off very easily) but my care has waned over the months and yet it still looks beautiful - hasn't stained or marked at all. I don't have it on my "working" section of worktop (so where the sink is) at the moment, so it rarely has standing water on it - although the new kitchen will have it throughout as I'm now confident that it was last even in my house!!

namechangedtoday15 Thu 03-Mar-16 17:05:55

*will last blush

PetraDelphiki Thu 03-Mar-16 17:10:00

Don't get "push to open" handle less - at least have finger ridges...all push to open things break and it's REALLY annoying!!

ftm123 Thu 03-Mar-16 20:30:43

Dithering on flooring. Tiles hard, need underfloor heating, but can get really wet. Layout, where to put the tall units. Colour, what shade of I need wall tiles? Thought I had decided on shaker style doors,now I am not so sure. Maybe if you decide on a kitchen butterfly I will just copy it.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Thu 03-Mar-16 20:51:29

You're a star namechanged thank you. I really appreciate you sharing your experience.

Right... drum roll... we are going handleless, we are getting a Luca kitchen, gloss or matt TBC! DH came home and said he'd thought about it and said handleless was fine because it meant he wouldn't have to fit any handles grin or put up with me dithering around trying to choose handles

So that's half a decision made grin

Thanks for the pointer petra - it's got a groove to open the doors with. Though I'm tempted to also fit a push to open thingy on the cupboard with the bin so I can nudge it with an elbow if hands are dirty.

We are not having wall tiles ftm. That was one of my non negotiables. I hate cleaning grout, and I hate dirty grout. We are going to have a glass splashback eg like this one, I like the metallic silver idea - the look of stainless steel (ish, not seen it in reality to know how metallic it looks) but not going to get scratched, just a quick wipe job. Then probably just upstands and painted wall, using something like Dulux endurance range which you can really scrub without damaging (we have it in the hallway!)

Sorry if I've made you doubt Shaker style. What have you got at the moment, and what is good and what do you hate? Sometimes that helps me as a thought process. Ultimately if you are going to love a kitchen then it has to work practically for you and not make work for you.

We have hung floors so gas pipe/plumbing etc is underneath so we can't have a solid floor like tiles, so it was lino or laminate for us. This is what we have elsewhere in the house and it's beautiful and really durable (and still on half price!) so we're going to carry it on through the kitchen. The only thing I have heard people say about underfloor heating is don't put your bin on it because it will smell! Bin in cupboard solves that one.

IShouldBeSoLurky Thu 03-Mar-16 20:54:38

Can I join? Fellow kitchen-ditherer here. Currently leaning towards DIY Kitchens Luna, I think it is - the flat, handleless one, anyway, in either the lamproom grey or white, but matte. Then either porcelain (if I win the lottery in the meantime), quartz or corian, probably in white. Floor-wise I would love poured concrete or resin, but again, lottery win would be needed, so probably large-format concrete-look porcelain tiles. But then if we can't stretch to UFH, we might have to look at something softer - I quite like this

IShouldBeSoLurky Thu 03-Mar-16 20:56:43

Luca, not Luna grin Snap, OP.

Ramona75 Thu 03-Mar-16 22:07:24

Go with Luca Matt white. It looks very sophisticated and its easy to clean. Gloss was bit too shiny for me, shows fingerprints more and the Matt looked a bit whiter/brighter than the gloss!

averythinline Fri 04-Mar-16 07:56:21

That looks lovely , prefer Matt due fingerprints but guess will depend on light as more effective if darker ...have you decided work tops?
Really like glass splash back, friend has and so easy to clean...

PlaymobilPirate Fri 04-Mar-16 08:14:50

Ooh - adding the Luca to my list. I quite fancy gloss white with blue doors on the island (if we get one, still trying to find an architect so a million miles from deciding properly? but not sure if it'll date quickly?

shovetheholly Fri 04-Mar-16 09:32:14

Have you seen the new Ikea range of kitchens, OP? There's one that is the spit of that handleless Luca kitchen.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Fri 04-Mar-16 09:45:51

Welcome Lurky. Wow those are massive tiles aren't they! It's hard when your eyes are bigger than your budget. I think worktops are one of the areas more worth investing in. They can really make bog standard price units look very expensive. Have you used the DIY sample service? We've been very impressed so far. Have got 4 different doors to look at, a few of their FOC colour swatches for other close to white shades, and got about 8 different quartz samples due to arrive soon (mainly very light ones but a couple of grey & brown too). The worktop samples are £3 each + VAT, free delivery. The door samples are £5 each + VAT + delivery. The £5s and £3s are totally refundable if you return all the samples when you order/receive your kitchen from them. Cheaper than a trip to Yorkshire to look at their showroom for me at any rate!

Seems the consensus is matt is more practical and possibly a bit less of the moment.

I was trying to go to sleep last night and I closed my eyes and images of Luca kitchens were there. Ugh. Switch off damn you brain. Unfortunately I also felt a bit sick. No idea what that was about, better today.

Despite having "decided" yesterday, by the evening I was then fretting again thinking maybe I don't like handleless after all... maybe maybe maybe... my mother will hate it, and tbh I don't think my ILs will have much good to say either and I will be all tense feeling their unenamouredness, and it might take the shine off somewhat. I don't want to fall out of love with it after a week. Does anyone else worry about stupid shit like this and let it unravel your decisions?!

langlandgirl Fri 04-Mar-16 10:08:58

chuckling again Butterfly Did exactly the same last night too. Decided i was going to try and find a nice simple panel shaker with non fiddly cornice and a slab style drawer from same supplier so the carcasses were the same to get my cheap deVol look.

Now this morning i am back on handless and am enjoying the luca! I want a slightly greenish tone on the room and can't decide on whether it should be on the units or the wall. The lamp room grey looks like a green grey, right confused! I also now hate the design and am thinking it is going to look lopsided!

I love the eyes bigger than your budget phrase, that's me down to a tee grin I don't think I my brain was this exhausted even during my dissertation and finals! What is wrong with me!

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