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drafty windows

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jdnlkj Thu 03-Mar-16 10:02:15

We live in Toronto and owing to temperature changes, drafty windows are quite common here. I read this blog which explains ways to restore heat during winter. Apart from these does replacing vinyl window help? How about energy efficient ones?

Qwebec Thu 03-Mar-16 23:45:30

Same contry, we changed our windows and the difference was massive. I would even say it is essential if your windows are drafty. If your windows are oldish the cold not only comes from them, but around them. Before foam insulation was widly used people put the pink stuff or nothing at all. The cold comes in trough the gaps between the window and the walls.
Also if you change them buy the ones that open with a little handle. No one likes them but they are the ones that are said to last the longues draft free.
We got energy efficient ones the winters are too long and cold to get anything else.
Shop around and ask a lot of questions. There are different quality of windows, avoid the cheapest unless you plan to sell in the nest few years.

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