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rental property electrics query

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mistysky1 Thu 03-Mar-16 07:49:07

Hi my son and gf have just moved into their first rented property, I'm dismayed to see that there is no cover on the cooker isolation switch just wires and outside the immersion tank cupboard is a switch with a sticker on it saying danger do not use!! is this legal??

MrsPear Thu 03-Mar-16 12:59:33

If it is not a HMO landlords don't have to have a safety cert but they are legally obliged to make sure it is safe.

specialsubject Thu 03-Mar-16 16:08:37

that's it - England/Wales. They should never have taken this place; now that they have, contact the landlord immediately and if no rapid action get on to environmental health.

gas safe cert? (If gas) Deposit protected? EPC? How to rent booklet?

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