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Digital camera problem - help!

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LovePGtipsMonkey Sun 28-Feb-16 10:57:00

Didn't know where to post this, sorry if wrong section.

While taking photos today, I've dropped my simple digital camera - it fell from a very low sofa but did get knocked a bit while being On.
After this, it doesn't function though it does go on - it displays a message 'Card not initialised'! I've taken the card out a few times, and back in - still same.
Spent a long while taking photos for ebay today, so can't believe all my work was in vain - plus it's my only and fave camera, I don't want to spend on a new one! Can't believe that a relatively minor knock on the rug would spoil the card - but still hoping it can be sorted somehow? Please advise if you are tech savvy!

PigletJohn Sun 28-Feb-16 13:18:06

If you have any pics on it you want to keep, first thing I would do is get the card copied to a DVD. If you are lucky the fault is in the camera not the card and your photos are not destroyed yet.

It would be sad if your camera reformatted or damaged the card.

I don't know anything you could do with the camera except take the batteries out and leave it to go dead, then reset it. Settings should be in the instructions.

LovePGtipsMonkey Sun 28-Feb-16 15:10:52

thanks, PG. I've tried to transfer photos into the notebook by installing card directly into the notebook (v.small laptop). It installed the software and said it was ready to use - but then said that disk D needs to be formatted for use, but also that formatting will erase all data on disk D (removable disk so i assume it meas the card?). I haven't done this as I think it means all photos will be removed? or should i risk it?
I can't copy to a dvd right now (today).
I will be on home computer tomorrow, maybe it will copy there without reformatting anything?
It does look like the fault is with camera as I went into a photo shop and they say it's likely to be the 'reader' that got damaged.

PigletJohn Sun 28-Feb-16 16:13:09

IIRC places that do photo printing will copy cards to CDs as part of the package.

I copy off pics from cameras from time to time as one day it is sure to get lost or damaged.

Formatting will destroy all data.

LovePGtipsMonkey Sun 28-Feb-16 19:45:49

thank you, yes good advice - and I'm glad I haven't formatted. Still isn't it supposed to be easy to transfer photos from a card directly to computer? someone else said I should do that first of, unless it's the small notebooks that don't 'agree' with it.
Sorry - PJ, not PG (addressing myself ha).

LovePGtipsMonkey Sun 28-Feb-16 19:55:30

though regarding CDs - how do you transfer that into the notebook, there is no slot for a CDs, too small. I have it on home comp of course so at least that won't be a loss but ideally would it need it on here while travelling.

PigletJohn Sun 28-Feb-16 22:14:49

In that case, perhaps it has a USB port that you could put a memory stick into. Pictures can fill up quite a lot of memory. You can also plug a portable drive into a USB port, but I don't know if a notebook could power it.

You can get "universal" card readers with multiple slots that connect with a USB cable. I've never needed to try one.

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