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Partial implementation of planning permission - allowed?

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brumeye Sat 27-Feb-16 07:49:11

We were granted planning permission which included some changes to the front of the house, and some to the back.

When we found out how much it would cost (argh) we abandoned those plans, and were granted planning permission for the a different scheme just at the back of the house, which we built.

We'd now like to go ahead with just the changes at the front of the house, from the original planning permission.

Do we have to re-apply for planning permission, or can we implement JUST the front part of the original permission? We're still within the time limit for starting work.

Can the council object (if someone tells them) to us not having fully implemented the planning permission? Could it cause issues when we come to sell the house?

icklekid Sat 27-Feb-16 07:55:15

Was the second application totally separate to the first or as a replacement /amendment?

brumeye Sat 27-Feb-16 08:09:30

Second application was separate

origamiwarrior Sat 27-Feb-16 08:13:18

<Response from my DH>

If the original planning permission was granted less than three years ago and you have discharged any pre-commencement conditions detailed on the decision notice there is nothing to stop you from implementing that consent. Implementing a later consent doesn't prevent you from implementing the initial consent.
There is nothing to compel you to carry out all of the works associated with a planning permission. Once you have implemented the permission by carrying out 'development' (see case law) it is therefore extant and the works can be completed at any time in the future.

brumeye Sat 27-Feb-16 09:07:51

That's brilliant, thanks so much for the speedy answer origamiwarrior!

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