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Council tenant, but can't get any repairs done.

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mumof32015 Wed 24-Feb-16 17:58:17

I feel so stressed out. We have a leak in our roof which has caused big yellow stains on our ceiling in both my bedroom and my childrens bedroom. This has caused black mould to grow all over our ceiling. We keep trying to damp proof it with paint but because the roof hasn't been fixed it just keeps growing through. In December we reported the roof leak to the council. They said the inspector wouldn't be out to see it until the 14th January. He came said it was a roof leak and that he would send someone out to fix it. Usually after he's been a letter is sent out saying the work will be completed by such a date. We waited and received no letter. My Dh called the council who said the inspector hadn't logged the problem. So they did, and we waited and still no letter. My Dh called again and they said it was in the 'to do' list. We waited again and still no letter. Last week dh called again and was told the work has to be completed by the 25th February and if it isn't the council will be in trouble. Well tomorrow is the 25th and the work still hasn't been done. I have been sorting the kids room out and I can't believe how bad the ceiling is. Does anyone know what I can do about this? We are secure tenants but I don't really know what rights we have? Hope someone can help.

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Wed 24-Feb-16 18:09:58

Usually they have 28 days to fix a "non-urgent" repair, once it goes past this you can log a complaint with the housing ombusdman. You can also call the town hall and report them for failing to maintain your home and order repairs. They can get in a lot of trouble so they usually get it done ASAP once they get bollocked a call from them.

Also most councils/HAs have a compensation scheme if they fail to carry out work in the scheduled time, its only a few pounds for every day it runs over, but even enquiring about it gets them moving faster ( had the same thing with a leak a few years ago - took them nearly 2 months until I spouted all this info to them... strangely they suddenly managed to book it in and it was done 2 days later)

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Wed 24-Feb-16 18:12:50

And I think that a roof leak would be more like 7-14 days maximum but it can vary - check your landlords repairs policy, it will be on their website.

mumof32015 Wed 24-Feb-16 19:03:25

Thank you for this information. It will be 28 days tomorrow, but my council's website says 7 days for essential repairs and a leaky roof comes under that. Think we're going to make a formal complaint with them.

Gusthetheatrecat Wed 24-Feb-16 23:50:22

Contact your local councillors as well. You can look up their details online and if they are helpful they can give the relevant officers a friendly boot up the backside.

mumof32015 Thu 25-Feb-16 14:10:27

Rang the council again just to be told that today was just a 'target' date and someone will call soon. I have just logged a formal complaint with them. Will see what reply I get.

mumof32015 Thu 25-Feb-16 21:17:18

Thanks for all the advice. I made a formal complaint via email this morning. A few hours later we received a phone call saying the matter was now passed on to the supervisor and he is looking into it all. Hopefully now it will get done, but if not I shall be going to the housing ombudsman.

Berthatydfil Thu 25-Feb-16 21:26:36

Why not go to your local councillor before the ombudsman?

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Thu 25-Feb-16 22:06:01

The councillor will get the housing moving faster, however they can't make the housing accountable for why they have failed in their duty of care in the first place. This was first reported in December and it's disgraceful that over 2 months later no attempt at repair has been made.

Even once the repair is done I would continue with your complaint OP- if only to ensure that it doesn't happen to another tenant.

mumof32015 Fri 26-Feb-16 10:29:12

Just to update, a roofer turned up this morning at 9am. Feel pretty annoyed that after 2 months of waiting they were able to get one out straight away. I will continue with the complaint because we also reported that our bathroom light isn't working, and we were told we'd get a new fan and light installed. This hasn't been logged at all.
It's the inspector that's the problem. He seems to come out and tell you what will get done then he goes away and doesn't report any of it, so if you don't chase it up then it just doesn't get done.

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