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Anyone used DIY kitchens & got undercounter lighting?

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thisisbloodyridiculous Wed 24-Feb-16 10:48:09

If so please can you tell me what kind & if you rate it? There are so many options! confused

Ramona75 Thu 25-Feb-16 09:51:20

I went with LED strip lighting in mine with a colour changing remote control. DIY Kitchens don't seem to sell that lighting at the moment though but if they sold it then I would have bought it from them as the kitchen is ace! The only lighting them have is on this page.

Do a Google search for LED strip lighting and you'll get loads of places that sell them. Each meter strip uses up about 10w of power so you need to make sure that that transformer you get to power them is powerful enough. We got our sparky to get us a proper transformer that can power our plinth lights, under wall units lights and it still has space for more:-) We also have the wall unit lights on a dimmer with remote control as well. it looks well cool but we had to do all the wiring and channelling before the kitchen was in so we could make good the walls and use some plaster repair to fill in all the holes and channels that were left.

filigree2015 Thu 25-Feb-16 10:45:22

We have a diy kitchen and bought recessed mini led spotlights for under our wall cupboards - fitter sunk them into some boarding he fitted under the bases. We spaced them about 50cm apart. Also fitted these into our glass cupboards. Then we ran led tape along the edge of the bottom units - over the plinths so it shines down onto the floor. We used 'natural white' for the spotlights and tape, then warm white for the ceiling lights. It has worked really well - I think the right lighting really makes a room. It's worth spending time thinking through the options, even if can feel a bit of a chore.

thisisbloodyridiculous Thu 25-Feb-16 10:58:46

Thanks for your posts - our kitchen will be at the far end of an open plan room with only one windrow on the other end of the room - so not the lightest of areas! Making sure we take advantage of every way possible to minimise how dark it feels is a big priority!

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