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Anyone adapted an Ikea 150cm Pax sliding wardrobe to fit a 140 alcove?!

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cazsilver Tue 23-Feb-16 23:09:47

Hi! This is my first post, so hope it`s in the right place!

Just moved, looking for 2 wardrobes for both sides of chimney breast in bedroom. Really want the Ikea tall Pax sliding wardrobes to get as much storage as poss but they come in 150cm width. Alcove is only 140cm, could I put in a 150 sliding door and let them overlap a bit more? Has anyone done this? Oherwise I`m thinking could I go for the hinged door & adapt them? The only other option is paying for fitted wardrobes, but that would be expensive.

Any advise would be really appreciated! Thanks

sacbina Wed 24-Feb-16 13:05:58

Depends if you're any good at DIY?
Might be worth getting a carpenters quote for the space, then compare with the cost of buying PAX plus time needed to alter them.

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