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Shower crisis - anyone with plumbing/loft extension know-how, please help!!

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LeOrange Tue 23-Feb-16 21:23:26

We are at the end of out loft conversion. We showed the builder all we had bought for the bathroom at the beginning of the build. The en suite is within the dormer which has a steel running along the top, so the builder put the shower outlet in at the highest point he could, using the fittings from our Crosswater shower. The bathroom was then tiled and today he fitted the shower arm. DH is 6ft and the shower head reaches his eyebrows. He is furious that no-one has thought to mention this. They are offering no real solutions.

We are slightly limited by the fact that the fitting in the wall is for a Crosswater shower arm - we cannot remove the tiles to change this, it would be hugely, hugely expensive.

Can anyone think of a solution? Please?

Quodlibet Tue 23-Feb-16 22:42:09

Have you not being looking at the work while it's happening? It would strike me as being pretty obvious that the arm height was going to be too low before the tiling was done from where the fixing was located.

There's been some not-too-joined up thinking here, but tbh I think you are as responsible as the builders for not looking into the fittings you purchased and how it would fit against ceiling height etc.

In terms of a fix that doesn't involve taking all the tiles off, could a few tiles be stripped off to locate the fitting and the fitting changed to a different type of head - one with a hose for example - which would allow you to get more height above the point where the water is coming out of the wall?

Quodlibet Tue 23-Feb-16 23:00:17

If you google 'shower arm extension' there are loads of fittings you can buy that take the shower head higher than the water supply. From what I can understand your Crosswater arm will have the head several inches below the water inlet? As I said, it depends if the fittings can be made to match up, but if not, going back to change the fitting should only necessitate removing a few tiles and redoing them, not the whole wall?

LeOrange Sun 28-Feb-16 23:19:29

Thanks both - all fixed now by attaching a different head. You are probably right quod - miscommunications at both ends. All resolved now and we have a lovely head in the family bathroom now, a happy accident.

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