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How can removal quotes vary so wildly?

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PookieK Tue 23-Feb-16 20:27:54

I've had two companies come round to give a quote so far. I'm doing the packing myself as using it as a chance to de-clutter as we go. It's a normal 3 bed house with a much loved piano but one quote was £1500 (pickfords) and the other was £800 (masons). I just don't see how they can be so different for exactly the same service!! We're in South Wales and moving locally. I'm going to go to a third company for another quote to compare. I'd be interested in how much anyone else has paid??

FishWithABicycle Tue 23-Feb-16 20:35:40

It's not "exactly the same service" - you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones will be a couple of blokes and a van and if your stuff gets damaged that's just bad luck. The more expensive ones will be more highly trained and will take it slowly and carefully, they will be less likely to damage anything and will be insured if they do.

RumAppleGinger Tue 23-Feb-16 20:36:48

I moved locally two years ago and used a local removal firm. Paid £575. I packed and unpacked myself but had them take apart and then put together two beds, one kingsize one single and a cot. We also have a grandfather clock that required additional insurance. I think they provided a starter kit of boxes, tape and bubble wrap and I ended up spending about another £25 for more boxes so it would have been about £600 all in. I'm in Fife.

PookieK Tue 23-Feb-16 20:51:45

Fish- the two companies both have professional registration and recommended each other as being reputable firms to get comparable quotes from. They both employ full time uniformed removal men and don't subcontract and both have glowing recommendations. I've been really careful to pick because I'm paranoid about my piano being looked after. Maybe I will ask them why there is such a difference!

Pommes Tue 23-Feb-16 20:57:49

We moved last year. Relocated to a town more than 70 miles away. We paid £444 (I just checked the quote). We used Simply Removals and did the packing ourselves. It was like no frills removals - they were super fast, very efficient, broke nothing but weren't very interested in small talk either (which suited us!). In fact they arrived at our new house faster than we did in our car. Once boxes were placed in the rooms we labelled on the boxes, they left. Great service.

pashmina696 Wed 24-Feb-16 18:06:05

Pickfords will use single use mattress bags, they will come with tv and sofa bags, protecting these things well when travelling, and have a very good insurance policy (new for old). there are differences you just need to find out what they are, i would also get a third quote, i got 4 for my last move and pickfords weren't the most expensive.

southwest1 Wed 24-Feb-16 20:31:42

I'm in the process of getting quotes to move from London to Liverpool, so far I've been quoted £1,600 and £1,800. The lower one is a local firm, who also spotted my antique cabinet needs special packing. I have Pickfords coming on Friday to quote.

Moving15 Wed 24-Feb-16 20:46:00

I got four quotes when I moved and one was from Pickford's who were twice the price of the lower two. I went for the cheaper local firm and they were excellent and offered everything the big names did for half the price.

didireallysaythat Wed 24-Feb-16 20:51:36

While Pickford's may have good insurance policies, I think smaller companies might be more interested in not needing to make a claim as it will effect their premium

BernardsBum Wed 24-Feb-16 20:54:31

We had several quotes and went with one of the lowest, but it was from a reputable firm that were recommended by several people, plus were BAR members. Turns out they hadn't included all of our furniture in their quote - not sure how the guy missed so much stuff. There was some argument on removal day as they underestimated the number of people and the size of lorry. They did move everything in the end, but after DH got a bit irate when explaining that it was their own fault that they hadn't priced the job properly - we hadn't hidden furniture etc

TheFridgePickersKnickers Wed 24-Feb-16 20:57:55

Your contents insurance may cover removals at no extra cost - goods in transit if you use an accredited removals company.

We've moved lots over the years. It all comes down to your removal team you get allocated on the day. 12 house moves in 16 years. Our most recent company Euro group were fab. They knew I'd been ill and DH was abroad - they were the best I've ever had. Went the extra mile. Helped me set up TV, offered to help plumb in washing machine.
Last year when we moved from S Wales we had Fox Removals (based in S Wales) they were very good too.

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