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Estate Agents... How do you choose yours?

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ChelseaNannyTree Tue 23-Feb-16 17:41:17

I know there are some amazing Estate Agent Comparison sites, like

but I wondered how you all found your Estate Agents?

wowfudge Tue 23-Feb-16 17:49:38

I kept an eye on which agents looked to be doing a good job of selling houses in our area. We'd discounted the ones who handled the sale of ours when we purchased for various reasons. Then we had three round to give valuations and we went with the one we felt was most likely to secure a sale. Another messed us around on the actual valuation appointment and tried to bluff their way out of it so we didn't re-arrange. It also suited us to appoint an agent who would accompany viewings. One had sold a handful of houses on our (long) street and seemed to think this made them the best choice. We didn't see any evidence of a superior approach so weren't swayed by this.

Are you sure you're not just advertising the website you linked to?

ChelseaNannyTree Tue 23-Feb-16 18:23:48

So with that in mind you would choose a traditional agents on the high st over an online one?

I'm interested in how people are picking estate agents when there seem to be billboards left right and centre! We drove around the area looking at billboards but googling them all just confused the matter more!

TryMeOutTiger Tue 23-Feb-16 18:24:44

We picked the annoying arseholes who sold us our house in the first place.

lalalonglegs Tue 23-Feb-16 18:44:04

Mostly I choose on the basis of the one I'd least like to kill. It hasn't been that successful - I've generally wanted to kill them at some point in the process.

wowfudge Tue 23-Feb-16 19:06:13

Experience of online agents - we tried to view two houses on with online agents. Didn't get to see either because the agents couldn't get hold of the vendors in time to organise and didn't accompany viewings which would have provided an alternative.

PookieK Tue 23-Feb-16 19:44:39

We had three different ones come round. The first two were awful stereotypes - blokes with sales patter, fake tan and full of bullshit. Put me right off. Thankfully the third was a lovely down to earth lady that also took us on several viewings and was really professional and nice to chat to. I thought if I liked her, that people viewing our house probably would too. Glad I trusted my instinct and went for her because even though she wasn't the cheapest they did a great job.

wowfudge Tue 23-Feb-16 20:46:18

That's a really good point about the agent being someone your target buyers will relate to Pookie.

JT05 Tue 23-Feb-16 23:18:05

I invited 4 of the most prominent ones. I interviewed them, as if for a marketing job. If they couldn't sell my house to me they'd be no good selling to a stranger!
One was arrogant, one made me bored, one was over enthusiastic and one said all the right things! They got the job!

Liveinthepresent Wed 24-Feb-16 11:23:08

Interesting thread how much did their rates influence people ? Round by me one agent is offering 0% ! Big swanky chain too.

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