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Frosting for windows instead of investing in shutters?

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Tiisha Mon 22-Feb-16 19:36:31

Could anyone recommend a product which works better than that ghastly frosting on a roll which you buy on ebay that peels off within hours of it's own accord? I had considered shutters but the measuring has become a little complicated and I find them stuffy and light restrictive as well as so-last-decade.

seriouslywhat Mon 22-Feb-16 19:41:34

When we bought our house it had been newly returned and the windows in one of the bathrooms (which look into the side of the house next door) have frosted stuff on the bottom half of them and it is really good - hasn't peeled off or anything. Tbh I am debating whether to put shutters on but because of where the windows are in the room it would be awkward to open the panels (you could open the actual shutter bits fine though). Am now considering blinds (Roman probably)... muses

JapanNextYear Mon 22-Feb-16 20:41:02

I bought frosting on the Internet, not eBay, and it's still in place 10 years later and looks good. Worth a try before investing in shutters.

superram Mon 22-Feb-16 21:02:37

We have Wilko frosting,£5 and still on 2 years later. I don't wash
My windows muchblush

Fourarmsv2 Mon 22-Feb-16 21:24:17

I'm considering upwards blinds for Windows which currently have sticky frosting. Bought to last a week about a year ago...

Tiisha Tue 23-Feb-16 07:32:43

Thanks, I am feeling more positive about it. Is Wilko's the best place to purchase a good quality roll of frosting?

VertigoNun Tue 23-Feb-16 07:40:20

I bought frosting on a roll a year ago and it's still going strong. It wasn't from wilKo.

wishiwasacollie Tue 23-Feb-16 07:45:54

Perlfrost is brilliant

Tiisha Tue 23-Feb-16 11:44:03

Thanks again. I looked a Peelfrost and it does have good reviews. Is it a DIY product or can it be tricky to apply? It is also quite expensive compared to the Wilkos product so still getting my head around it!

JapanNextYear Tue 23-Feb-16 12:05:34

I think it's really one of those things where you get what you pay for. We applied it ourselves - there's instructions with it and videos on you tube. Quite easy once you've got the hang of it.

Tiisha Tue 23-Feb-16 12:30:30

Thanks, the Wilko reviews aren't great at all so I will prob go for the branded version and hope for the best

wishiwasacollie Tue 23-Feb-16 17:59:13

Perlfrost was easy to use according to DH. He wouldnt let me near it. We used it on glass incuts in kitchen doors. Have had no issues. No peeling. Aboutv6 years old now.A friend used it in her bathroom about 8 years ago and its still there

langlandgirl Tue 23-Feb-16 18:12:43

we had some lovely film from it didn't peel off. They do discounts throughout the year and some lovely patterns. We had the one with stars - loved it.

TooMuchRain Tue 23-Feb-16 18:28:40

I used perlfrost and it's lasted well, people often comment on the nice 'character' windows so it obviously doesn't look like peel either

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