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Advice on moving to Rutland

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bertiebb1 Mon 22-Feb-16 14:53:29

Me and my hubby are looking at moving to Rutland from south Leicestershire, and although we've done a fair bit of driving round looking at villages etc we don't know the area at all really so I wondered if anyone could give me some advice on if there are any villages to avoid or any to specifically look at?

Our budget isn't huge (less than £300k) and we are trying to get a modern 4 bed detached in a village that has a pub or two and maybe a shop. Also don't want to be more than a 20 min drive from a town like Oakham or Stamford etc. Yep asking the earth for that price I know! No kids yet but one on the way, due in June, so schools for the future is also a consideration...

We've seen a couple of houses in Whissendine that might be interesting. Any views on the village, almost seems a bit cheap compared to the other villages for some reason? We've looked at places like Braunston, Exton, South Luffenham and they look lovely but are out of our price range I think :-(

Any advice would be great


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