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Slow leak

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SunsetSongster Sun 21-Feb-16 22:35:28

Hello. I'm hoping someone can help. Our house has a single storey section which includes the kitchen and entrance hall. The entrance hall leads into a downstairs hallway and immediately above this is the family bathroom.

Last year we had watermarks appearing around the ceiling where the flat roof joins. We called a roofer who said the seal was good but there was an outflow pipe from the bathroom dripping on the wall. We got got that sorted and all seemed well.

These last few months we've started getting more watermarks on the inside ceiling of the hallway (so below the bathroom rather than the flat roof). I also found that the floor behind the toilet was black under the lino and it seems a bit raised and bumpy. We called a plumber but they cannot find a leak (they cut a hole in the ceiling to check). He looked at the roof and the seal is fine still.

The only source he can think is that some of the bricks are cracked on the wall outside the bathroom. He also said the newo outflow pipe is not sealed so there is a hole around it.

My questions are, does this sound like it could be the cause and what do we need to do to fix it. Should we call a builder about the bricks? What can they do? Should we complain to the original plumber who replaced the pipe? And who do you ask to fix a hole in your ceiling! I'm a bit clueless and world appreciate some advice before I start calling people.

JT05 Mon 22-Feb-16 06:17:53

Check the seal on the cold water feed into the toilet cistern. Our had a very slight leak for ages and it was only when it had saturated the flooring underlay and boards did we notice it coming through the ceiling.

A plasterer will fix the hole in the ceiling.

SunsetSongster Mon 22-Feb-16 22:10:32

Thanks for the reply.

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