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Party Wall Agreement

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Thudercatsrule Sat 20-Feb-16 15:33:54

Hi all,

Just looking for some advice please.

Our neignbour knocked on Monday night with a party wall agreement as they are intending on having a loft extenstion. Fair enough.

When I read the details, they are actually planning on starting next Monday, so within 7 days, even though the letter says we have 14 days to sign and return.

Anyway all the scaffolding went up Wednesday, some advance notice would have been nice, seeing builders right outside my window when I was making tea was quite a shock!

So I signed it and took it back, but the notice letter that came with the party wall agreement wasn't signed by them so I asked them to sign it and return it, that was Wednesday and now it's Saturday and they still haven't returned it. Should I knock and ask again? I just a bit concerned that I have nothing writing from them in case anything goes wrong.


Quodlibet Sat 20-Feb-16 15:55:18

Sounds like they've left it til the last minute which is unwise - in fact I think they are supposed to give 2 months notice of proposed work.

It might mean that technically the Notice they served you isn't valid. I'd go round and ask that they do things properly. No reason for you to curtail your neighbours plans, but Party Wall notices are there for your protection so they should be doing them properly.

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