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Considering Hitchin, but prefer mixed schools?

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HopBopPop Sat 20-Feb-16 11:07:57

We are considering Hitchin as a potential place to live, but we have a DS and would prefer him to go to a mixed sex secondary school which means The Priory School. Are the single sex schools more popular? What effect does this have on the catchment area for The Priory? Would we have to look for a house in the north of Hitchin?

The Priory and the boys school are both rated good by ofsted so given the choice I would much rather DS went to a mixed school. Hes currently only a toddler so we're planning ahead! We just want this to be our long term home and don't want to have move to again.

tethersend Sat 20-Feb-16 11:14:39

I grew up in hitchin and went to school in letchworth (Highfield)- I think lots of kids still go to letchworth, although I'm not sure what the schools are like now. Might be worth considering.

I have friends with kids at the priory who are very happy with it.

RingUpRingRingDown Sat 20-Feb-16 12:50:34

The Priory School is now thought of quite highly, I think.

I have quite a few friends with children there. A few years ago they were dead set on the single sex schools and definitely not the Priory but changed their minds after looking round.

honeysucklejasmine Sat 20-Feb-16 12:54:29

All the schools in hitchin are regarded as very good by locals. The days of fighting over the Boys and Girls schools are over. The Priory is well regarded. smile

HopBopPop Sat 20-Feb-16 18:36:55

Great, thanks for your replies. So any suggestions on good areas in Hitchin to look at within the catchment for the priory?

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