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Aldershot 2016 ??

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badrilok Sat 20-Feb-16 08:49:25

Hi to all... Recently seen a very nice property in Aldershot and considering it seriously. Its our first home to buy and obviously finding it so difficult to decide about living in Aldershot especially after renting our place in Woking for the past 5+ years. Appreciate if you can tell us about your experience living in Aldershot (10 mins south to rail station / town centre)? Is it on the up with the new AUE / Westgate development ? Many thanks in advance for your inputs, really appreciated..

SmallBee Sat 20-Feb-16 10:13:13

Repost from your other thread...
We seriously considered buying in Aldershot about six or seven years ago as we could get a lot more for our money and everyone was saying it would improve soon. The army were going to move out and they were going to invest lots of money into the area and make it all shiny and new.
What actually happened is that it has not improved and seems to have got worse if anything. We got a house in Bramley instead.
Everyone always says Aldershot has a lot of potential etc,etc but that doesn't count for anything if it isn't used.

If you like that general area can you look at Frimley, North Camp, Tongham? Or even Farnham which is lovely and you still get a lot more for your money than Woking.

Personally I would choose to stay in Woking. They've improved the town centre massively and are spending loads on doing even more. There are more restaurants being built and lots of money being invested in building housing as the London house prices are forcing commuters to look elsewhere. Woking and Guildford are high on the lists of where commuters are looking but obviously Guildford is already very pricey.

HopeClearwater Sat 20-Feb-16 21:58:20

I know Aldershot very well and I just can't recommend it. It's much too early to say how the AUE will affect it, and I wouldn't take the risk. There are no concrete signs that it's on the up.

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