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Lodgers' partners staying

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SynthDream Fri 19-Feb-16 23:05:44

I currently have two lodgers living with me in my house under lodger agreements. The rooms are for single occupancy only and I have home insurance which covers two lodgers. My written agreement with both lodgers is that they are allowed guests to stay in their room for a couple of nights a week. I'm aware that having more two lodgers living in a household would turn it into an HMO (house with multiple occupancy). Now, if one of the lodgers' boyfriends comes to stay, how many days of him being here would mean they're actually living here rather than just being a guest? a week, two weeks, a month?

Sunnyshores Sat 20-Feb-16 13:24:05

I think if youve said 2 nights a week thats what it should be.

Not sure HMOs are in your own house under Rent a Room? Youd have to call your council and check.

I think if lodgers bf has no other permanent address (where he pays council tax) someone could say he was living there.

lalalonglegs Sat 20-Feb-16 14:09:50

I agree that if the boyfriend has another address where he pays rent/contributes to utilities or if he normally lives in his family home then it would be hard to say that he is resident in your house. I think it was wise to limit the amount of time that your lodgers can have guests though and, if you're worried, it's time to enforce the agreement.

SynthDream Sat 20-Feb-16 15:40:54

The thing about the bf having another permanent residence makes sense. The bf was visiting from another country so he didn't have another residence in the UK. I was hoping it wouldn't affect my home insurance which only covers two lodgers. Anyway, he only stayed for a few days and he's left now.

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