Engineered or floorboards? Final vote please!

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silversixpence Fri 19-Feb-16 08:44:02

Sorry last thread on this subject! Trying to make a final decision as the flooring needs to be done in another 3 weeks.
Floorboards Pros: Cheaper, original flooring character
Cons: COLD (but could insulate), can't have tiled hallway as would be too much of a level change, can get scratched or tatty(pine so softer)

Engineered Pros: warmer underfoot, can choose specific finish, oak harder wearing
Cons: Much more expensive to fit (approx 3x the cost)

Cost is a big consideration as its probably woodburning stove and floorboards OR engineered wood and encaustic tiles in the hallway (and no stove).

ScarlettDarling Fri 19-Feb-16 08:46:52

We have engineered oak. It's beautiful and it will last forever. I always think floorboards look 'unfinished' and definitely cold.

I'd go for the engineered every time and then save up for the wood burner.

redhat Fri 19-Feb-16 08:48:41

I'd go for the engineered wood and ensure there is enough depth that they can be refinished at least once.

justtheonethen Fri 19-Feb-16 08:51:43

Our engineered was much cheaper than if we had gone for floorboards weirdly? I love our floor, it's real wood so you can sand it down but it's sealed so it feels warm. Oak looks lovely too.

Go engineered!

silversixpence Fri 19-Feb-16 10:15:10

How much was your engineered flooring per metre squared? I've found good ones for £25-30 m2 but need to enquire about fitting.

TheSteveMilliband Fri 19-Feb-16 10:21:27

We had floorboards finished professionally with gaps filled in (at least the bigger gaps). Made a big difference but if we had all the gaps filled would probably have been as expensive as engineered. Log burner is a draw though - but you could have that as the next thing to save for?

justtheonethen Fri 19-Feb-16 10:35:06

Ours was £25.44 a metre (just checked!) and fitting was really not too bad. I have w number if you're in London?

silversixpence Fri 19-Feb-16 10:42:25

yes please justtheonethen

njptvr Fri 19-Feb-16 11:39:51

Could I also have that number please justheonethen

justtheonethen Fri 19-Feb-16 12:49:37

I'll dig it out later, I have changed phones so struggling to find it but think dp has it so I'll get it to you.

PerfidiousPanda Fri 19-Feb-16 12:59:27

Not sure if it was another thread of yours I posted on, but I've recently had engineered oak put down in place of non-engineered oak. I cannot express how much I hate it. It just looks too fake, too plastic. I wish I'd looked at it in houses rather than samples/listened to builder.

Every room downstairs is now floored with it - it's been about a month now, and I just want rid of it sad. It shows up the dirt much more too, and doesn't feel any warmer.

Don't do it!

silversixpence Fri 19-Feb-16 13:20:11

Perfidious do you have a link to yours? The ones I have samples of seem like a real wood surface and not plasticky.

PerfidiousPanda Fri 19-Feb-16 14:01:32

I could try and attach an image - the builder just brought round samples so no idea what site it was from.

PerfidiousPanda Fri 19-Feb-16 14:06:07

I bet someone comes on and says, 'oh, you've been scammed - that's laminate'!

Karcheer Fri 19-Feb-16 17:10:18

Has anyone had engineered wood installed upstairs?

Marmitelover55 Fri 19-Feb-16 18:11:52

We have engineered and I love it. Definitely doesn't feel/look plastic.

grogsygreen Fri 19-Feb-16 19:44:07

I am on the hunt for some engineered flooring for our kitchen/ hall but can't find anything for under £40 plus a metre- the better colours and finishes seem to be " bespoke". Would you have oiled ( scratches less and easier to make small repairs but needs treating ) or matt many choices.
Please may I be cheeky and ask for your flooring number justtheonethen ?

Karcheer Fri 19-Feb-16 21:04:27

grogs in the same as you, totally confused by it.

catbasilio Fri 19-Feb-16 21:14:34

OP you did not ask this but I say bamboo instead of oak. I posted photo of my bamboo flooring before but I will post again. It is extremely durable and similar looking to oak and I am beyond pleased with it.

silversixpence Fri 19-Feb-16 22:02:28

Does anyone know if Russwood are expensive? I love the washy grey finish. Trying to find another brand that has a similar colour and it's almost impossible!

lukasgrahamfan Fri 19-Feb-16 22:41:34

I have the floorboards and the wood burning stove here. I love the stove, best thing I ever bought. It's blazing away at the moment and it's so toasty in here.
And I love the floorboards too [all gaps filled in] and don't find the floor that cold at all.

livingthegoodlife Mon 22-Feb-16 21:54:29

i was weighing up engineered v solid oak and having a huge dilemma. i have just ordered solid oak, i was swayed by the hardwearing. Lots of engineered come in pre-laquered finish, i wouldnt go for that because what happens if it gets scratched? at least oil can be repaired.

i did find one supplier of raw unfinished engineered but in the end real wood won out.

i hope i don't regret it! it goes in in about 6 weeks time....

silversixpence Mon 22-Feb-16 22:58:09

We have decided on engineered now which I think will be the right decision. I'm just finding it very difficult to find the finish I want at a reasonable price! We will still sand the stairs and floorboards upstairs.

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