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Vitra Bathroom ware

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LizMac42 Thu 18-Feb-16 18:45:48

Our plumber has given us a leaflet to choose a new bathroom from - it features VITRA bathrooms and they certainly look good value. However I have never heard of them.

Has anyone had this brand installed and would you recommend it for quality? Any replies gratefully received with thanks +

pashmina696 Thu 18-Feb-16 22:46:51

Vitra is a turkish sanitary ware company - quality is very good, i used vitra in my last house and it all looked great 5 years on, plumber commented it was all very heavy and good quality.

bojorojo Thu 18-Feb-16 23:18:50

Vitra are very good. I like Duravit - German!

LizMac42 Fri 19-Feb-16 09:29:19

Thanks so much for replies pashmina and bojorojo - this gives me confidence.

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