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Advise needed on subsidence & underpinning please!

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lilylondongal Thu 18-Feb-16 17:04:49

Hello All!

This is my first post after being a serial MN lurker (thank you for all the great advice so far!) so please bear with me!

Hubby and I are ttc and also ftb - exciting but daunting times!

I am hoping you can offer some property advise please!

We have found and had offer accepted on a lovely Victorian terrace house. Having viewed quite a few to say the least we really feel like this is in the one for us

As ftb and having no experience of property purchase we decided to play safe and get a buildings survey - and that's where the warm and fuzzies stop!

Unfortunately the survey has revealed quite a few problems (some we knew about and tbh expected in an older property) but the main concern is that it reveals the property has suffered from historical movement and has undergone work (quite possibly underpinning) to fix this.

Now we are not too worried about the prospect of underpinning as quite a few in the area have been and surely this means it is stronger now? The problem is that the sellers (and the sellers before them) know nothing of this work and therefore don't have any certificates etc to back it up.

Does anyone have any experience of buying a house where perhaps the underpinning certs have been lost? Surely it can't be that uncommon (she says hopefully??)

Any and all advice would be really appreciated!

Lily x

DickDewy Thu 18-Feb-16 17:07:22

Have you asked your local council's building control? They would have record of the application, even if it was done by a private building control company.

lilylondongal Thu 18-Feb-16 17:09:18


Yes we have, that was actually the first thing our sellers did to try and clear up the matter but unfortunately no record of it with building control.

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