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Kitchen design

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Kirjava Thu 18-Feb-16 16:26:43

I've read the lessons learnt thread. I have a kitchen designer coming round.

What am I likely to have forgotten/not considered that I should be flagging/asking?

I'm so excited!

MoonlightandMusic Thu 18-Feb-16 22:37:43

Ooh, exciting! Remember to have them literally walk you through the layout (stand where the sink will be, pretend to open cupboards/drawers and reach up to shelves etc.,). Will help with having the kitchen suit your family's flow, rather than the generic one IYSWIM?

NothingButAHoundDog Thu 18-Feb-16 22:44:25

We had a fab kitchen designer. Really listened to what I did/did not want. We had lots of building work, silly fiddly bits needing sorting etc and she took it all on board. I think it really helps to have a clear idea in your own head about how you want your kitchen to work. Eg, we did not want an island, we still wanted our family table and chairs to be central, and I deffo wanted as much work surface as poss. A good designer will take all of this into account.
Best question she asked me was 'What is your biggest bug bear in your kitchen?'
I would also say, the fitter is key to getting it how you wanted. Our fitter had an excellent eye for detail and asked loads of questions as he went along.
Me standing there miming opening an imaginary cupboard one way then the other

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