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internal steps - not stairs

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GreyBird84 Thu 18-Feb-16 12:49:06

So as part of our renovation we have 2 steps into our dining room.

I need inspiration because I do not what style to go for & all I can find is pictures of sets of stairs.

Planning on tiled floor throughout kitchen & dinner. But I quite fancy wooded steps. I don't want a railing but builder seems to think we will need something. I cant picture railings going down into an open plan dinner - I think they would be very odd looking!

Starting to wish we had just raised the floor level of the extension up so its was all one but its much too late for that now!

Any inspiration or pictures? Any considerations? We have a young family if that makes any difference!

thewookieswife Fri 19-Feb-16 19:49:08

I think it depends on the width of the steps as to wether a rail is needed as there's more than one step. an architect or local planning type officer should know. but if your builder is eluding to you needing one that's probably why.

newname99 Fri 19-Feb-16 20:02:59

A railing could be needed for building regs but not also, depends how steep it is.2 steps seem fine.Our building inspector was pragmatic and happy to sign off without.It could be an issue if you have elderly visitors.

I have steps from kitchen to dining and it's a great feature.The area is large so feels appropriate.We have wooden floors so steps are same material.

lalalonglegs Fri 19-Feb-16 20:11:18

You could have a glass balustrade which would suit open plan. I would be tempted to tile the steps as well, to make them less obtrusive.

GreyBird84 Fri 19-Feb-16 20:30:55

Im really regretting them although I do think they will be a lovely feature - but part of me feels this defeats the point of a bungalow! its 2 steps, not sure of height.

May well go for wood effect kearnden in kitchen so steps are same material.

Yes I think it's to do with building control. Think we are going to see a joiner about possibilities. I imagine by time I get sthing I like raising the floors to same level as rest of house will have cost the same!

Thanks for input folks.

PitilessYank Sat 20-Feb-16 03:01:11

I always thought that rooms that had steps into them seemed very glamorous, kind of like the classic "sunken living room" look. Try searching on that term for step ideas?

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