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PeteAndManu Wed 17-Feb-16 08:09:15

Just searching for experiences with Privatefloor. We bought a chair from them at the beginning of February. It wasn't expensive thank goodness but I didn't get good vibes when the order acknowledgement had a list of conditions about examining the product when the delivery driver was present and what to write on the despatch note. If it wasn't completed exactly in this fashion there could be no returns.

The item arrived and it is severely marked, dents in the seat and large chips put of the paint. The packaging was unmarked so I can only assume it was damaged before despatch. It was delivered when I was out.

I emailed customer services with photos, no response. I emailed again, no response. I called the customer services number, no response. I sent an enquiry through the web form and received a response. They asked me details about the delivery and whether I examined it etc.

I replied stating that I was out and unable to do so. I also pointed out that under consumer legislation I didn't need to do this and that it took precedence over any individual contract terms. I then received a response asking for photos and to send these to a separate email address. I did this but they weren't received so I sent them again in PDF format. I've outlined what has happened in emails and that they now have enough information to be able to resolve a simple consumer matter.

I have now received another email saying that there isn't a ticket number so to contact another Privatefloor email with the details. The ticket no from the web enquiry is in the subject matter.

Has anyone had any success with Privatefloor? I looked at a review site and it's all bad. I think it was a con from the beginning, they sell sub standard goods and when you try to get your money back they put so many blocks in your way that you give up. My next steps are a letter before action with a deadline before starting a small claims action. I think contacting Trading Standards too.

IShouldBeSoLurky Wed 17-Feb-16 18:36:41

Did you pay by credit card? I'd pursue a refund that way.

PeteAndManu Wed 17-Feb-16 18:54:36

Unfortunately not, it's below £100. They turned down any refund today saying that I didn't follow the inspection process so I can't prove I didn't damage it. I wrote a letter before action and they still said no. Small claims here we come. I know it's only a small amount but I'm really riled by this.

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