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Redbean730 Tue 16-Feb-16 14:45:13

We are the first time buyer and we don't have experience of buying a property before. We found a house in Bexleyheath and we loved it! We thought it only needs some minimum work ( like repaint the wall), so we put down the offer and it was accepted. It took a long time to get response from our agent(3-4 weeks after the offer got accepted) for the 2nd viewing. We had a few questions in mind to ask the vendor, e.g. Local school, local area and the neighbourhood. The agent told the vendor that we are going to have the 2nd viewing, but they decided not to meet up and left home before we arrived. Is that normal that the vendor doesn't want to meet the buyer? We feel that the vendor is not really welcoming and maybe they are hiding somethings from us( sorry, we are too nervous!)

Then we found that there is wallpaper in the living room and dining room, and the owner painted on top. So now the problem is that it will be much more expensive to repaint the walls, can we ask them to remove it before they move out? It is the end of the world and we still want to buy this place, but it is a let down...

It would be great if anyone can share their experience! Thank you!

shovetheholly Tue 16-Feb-16 15:08:10

Some vendors don't want to meet the buyer, others see that as the 'job' of the estate agent. It doesn't mean they are hiding anything.

I am a bit shock that you are worried about the price of decorating. To be honest, with most new properties that are not total new builds there are lots of things that will need doing. Decorating is the thin end of the wedge really. I am concerned as to whether you've looked into the state of other things around the house as thoroughly as you need to? (In particular, the electrical wiring and central heating?)

I imagine the repainting is more expensive because to do a perfect job the paper will have to come off and be relaid and then painted? You could temporarily just paint over the top coat for the time being, wait until you have some savings, and then have the walls underneath replastered (skimmed?)

wowfudge Tue 16-Feb-16 15:15:21

If that's the only issue with the place and it is worrying you so much that you have posted here, then you need to prepare yourselves for the bumpy ride that is buying a house!

I suggest you do some research on the house buying process online. Don't reduce your offer because of painted wallpaper - no sensible vendor would think that was a good reason to accept a lower offer. Unless it's coming off, you can paint it again in your choice of colours.

It doesn't have to cost much to strip the existing wallpaper and put lining paper up which you can then paint.

Eelus Tue 16-Feb-16 15:30:24

I've never met the owner of any of the properties we have bought, and only met one buyer, but that was because the estate agent didn't tell us they were coming round, I was in the shower and DCs we're running around in their underwear!
If a buyer were to ask me to remove wallpaper early on in the selling process I think I'd run a mile, I would be nervous about what other demands would be coming. It's a relatively straight forward thing to sort out.
Also I wouldn't ask a seller about local schools / area, they're hardly going to tell you the local school is awful and there's been a load of burglaries lately. Ask someone more independent.

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