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Bathroom tap not working

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NoodleNuts Mon 15-Feb-16 10:40:48

The hot tap in the bathroom (sink) has almost stopped working. I say almost, as when you turn it a dribble comes out which gradually slows down before stopping altogether. If you lift the 'handle' of the tap up a bit, it increases the flow for a couple of seconds but not much.

Any ideas what could be wrong with it? Does it sound like something that should be quite simple to fix or do I need a plumber? All other hot taps are working fine, its just this one.

PigletJohn Mon 15-Feb-16 16:35:41

look up "how to rewasher a tap."

Start by taking off the capstan and the easyclean shroud. You may see a groove round the spindle, that should have a circlip or horseshoe clip in it. The clip may have come out of the groove. Put it back. Give the parts a spray with a limescale-removing bathroom cleaner as there might be scale making it stiff.

Otherwise, continue to take it apart, and I think you will find that the part that moves up and down inside when you turn the capstan, has come off the end of the spindle. Screw it back on a bit and re-assemble. If it has an actual rubber washer, take off the old one and replace with new.

It might have happened if the old washer is worn out or crushed. This is probably caused by screwing down the capstan with excessive force.

PigletJohn Mon 15-Feb-16 16:38:10

some pics on this one

NoodleNuts Mon 15-Feb-16 21:19:48

Thank you, I'll give my DP this info and let him have a look!

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