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Bg home care dilemma

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Cariadity Sun 14-Feb-16 12:04:19

We have just moved home and noticed a small leak on our boiler, it's not affecting it's functionality but obviously something we would rather sort.
We are planning to set up British Gas home care (dmil says they have had their worth from it already this year).
The website shows two options, one is for a working boiler and around £10 a month with £60 excess. They do a first check and see if there are any faults.
The other is for boiler in need of repair and cost £99 initially and £22 a month.

I can't decide which we need to go for as I don't think there's a huge issue so 2nd option seems excessive but also can't say there is no issue???

Anyone had similar?

OurBlanche Sun 14-Feb-16 12:08:12

Ask a local repair man to come and look at it and then, when you know the real size of the problem, maybe have it fixed, then set up the BG thing.

Cariadity Tue 16-Feb-16 21:28:17

Ok thank you

TheLesserSpottedBee Wed 17-Feb-16 11:54:58

We ended up with BG homecare as our boiler died and a local gas engineer said that BG do a first fault repair for £99 then homecare plan for about £20pm at the time which would be cheaper than whatever was wrong with the boiler (he had come out to look at it)

So that is what we went with. The fault was the mother board which cost more than the £99 grin

Since then, our ancient boiler has died on Christmas eve a few years ago, BG offered to come out on Christmas day but as we were out and our house is well insulated we agreed on boxing day.

And genuinely my heating hadn't come on yesterday morning at 6am like it should have, checked the boiler and pump etc, booked BG and they were out at 8.20am, same day. We have had a catalogue of stuff go wrong with ours from pumps, to fuses etc so we feel we have had value for money.

I would agree with Blanche get a local person out to look at it then make a decision as to whether the £99 bit for BG is worth it.

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