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Anyone re-jigged current (smallish) house footprint to add another room?

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DangerMouth Thu 11-Feb-16 15:14:21

We can't go up into loft due to roof shape so thinking now maybe the current footprint can be re-jigged to get another bedroom.

Next door has 3 bed but bathroom downstairs which l'm not sure about. This isn't our forever home so have to think of resale too (great to get another room but wouldn't want 3 pokey rooms that then no one would want to buy!)

We're in London so too expensive to move for an extra room (is a box room and slightly larger hall worth another £200k confused)

Dh has been given details of an architect which we both think would be worth the £600 for an initial consultation.

Just wondering if anyone else has done this and their thoughts on the final layout?

Perhaps we just need to learn to love our house as it is smile

ftm123 Thu 11-Feb-16 17:23:34

We didn't do it, but was always something we considered with our old two bed. There was a lot of wasted space (upstairs and down). We got some great ideas on how to reconfigure it off an estate agent when he was valuing the property, might be worth considering, especially if you want to keep an eye to resale. I would be wary of £600 just for a consultation to bounce ideas.

DangerMouth Thu 11-Feb-16 17:37:38

They draw up a couple of different ideas for the £600, but yes l guess it does sound a lot. Just didn't to me as we've been looking at moving house and this seems the cheaper option for the time being.

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