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Creative loft conversion

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Peyia Wed 10-Feb-16 19:04:58

Can anyone recommend a loft specialist in SE London? Or anywhere actually!

The ridge of our house is way to low. We've accepted that. It's a double fronted property but only has two bedrooms. We bought it because of the location and it has loads of potential.

We have planning permission for a double storey extension to create a third bedroom at the back, there is currently a huge void begging for it (we're a terrace). The back of the house is significantly lower than the front. I'm thinking if designed correctly we could put the loft conversion across the back of the house, above the double story extension. Does that make any sense? Then we would still be align with the ridge from the front. Asking because we'll outgrow in 5 years and would like to stay longer.

Any recommendations for a loft specialist or even a creative architect would be appreciated.

Peyia Wed 10-Feb-16 19:09:20

Visuals might help! I was told by a couple of builders that something could be on top of the bathroom, that's to the right of the pic. The ceiling is incredibly high. If the ceiling height is lower in the double story extension then I'm hoping it's possible (clutching at straws!)

Peyia Thu 11-Feb-16 18:13:47

Any loft enthusiasts? Or if you have a creative architect?

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