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High winds ,tile off roof ,but roof in need of repair - insurance claim ?

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gingeroots Mon 08-Feb-16 09:08:05

Have just looked out of window and seen one of our roof tiles in the garden . Sob .

Now I know our roof is old and that at the front of the house there is an area that needs repair .But this is at the back ( it's a large ,complicated ,high roof ) where up until now all seemed good .

Last night was exceptionally windy ,with the wind in a different direction from usual .

Anyone think I should ring insurance company ? Is it worth it ? ( I hate this kind of thing and I'll probably dig a huge hole for myself by explaining how old our roof is and that I know we've neglected it ..)

DP always leaves all this stuff to me ,any advice gratefully received .

JT05 Mon 08-Feb-16 10:12:50

It would depend on what your excess is. It could be cheaper to get a local builder to fix. Insurance Companies are notorious for trying not to pay up. You could be in for a long wrangle before it is fixed.
When we had an old roof and no money to replace it, we made 'friends ' with a local roofer who overhauled it and then kept an eye on it after storms.

gingeroots Mon 08-Feb-16 10:17:46

Thanks JT05 .

I think you're right .Patching up probably the way forward !

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