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Trying to find some Henry Richards Art Nouveau tiles to replace some damaged ones in my porch

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johnnybuoy Sat 06-Feb-16 08:15:40

We have an Edwardian house which has some original features including the porch tiles.
However some are cracked and it's really difficult to find replacements.
They are the same pattern as in the link below but the shaded quarters are a maroon colour.
I've googled loads of sites and searched ebay dozens of times to no avail!
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

wowfudge Sat 06-Feb-16 13:45:14

How about buying those on eBay and mixing the green and maroon squares together?

Celeriacacaca Sat 06-Feb-16 18:23:45

We got some similar fireplace tiles from Might be worth emailing them the pictures and asking if they know where you could source them. They're very helpful.

ChablisTyrant Sun 07-Feb-16 11:11:34

We've been in your situation and its a nightmare. I would also consider buying those ones on eBay while you mull over what to do.

It is worth contacting reclamation yards. Some do email and you could send a photo. If they say they don't have them, ask for recommendations as to who to ask because yards specialise in different things. Also ask whether they've ever seen them come through.

I personally wouldn't match with new replicas. We've done that and it doesn't look quite right.

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