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Why is the air so dry? What can I do?

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etttvatre Thu 04-Feb-16 22:29:30

I moved into a new build flat in November. The flat is incredibly well insulated and I haven't had to have the heating on all winter, not even on the coldest days.

As the flat is this warm, I have to sleep with the windows open.

The problem is, the air gets incredibly dry and I wake up for water several times every night. I'm guessing this is partly due to me keeping the windows open and letting all the humid air escape. But if I kept them closed its too warm to sleep.

Could there be any other reasons as to why the air is so dry in the flat? Is there anything I can do to add humidity?

19lottie82 Thu 04-Feb-16 22:47:06

Buy a small humidifier? They're only about £20 and make a real difference.

etttvatre Thu 04-Feb-16 22:57:16

Oooh, hadn't thought of that! Will look it up.

Qwebec Thu 04-Feb-16 23:57:20

I don't know if it applies to your building but here (Canada) in the winter all the more modern builds are v dry (to the point that I get nose bleeds in them).

When buildings have lots of insulation they don't breath enough and air exchangers must be installed to prevent condensation and freshen the air. The humidity inside can also controlled. God knows why, it tends ot be on a rather dry setting.

What type of heating is used in the building? Here it tends to be electric convectors and they compound the dry air, but not very likely you have that considering the price of electricity in the UK.

If you have the air exchanger either it is central to the building of each flat has their own. In the first case you can change the settings, in the second humidifiers and/or plants are you friends.

specialsubject Fri 05-Feb-16 12:15:17

where are you? I'd be surprised if anywhere in the UK needs extra moisture!

and do you sleep with your mouth open?

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