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which wall to knock down

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ncforthe1000thtime Thu 04-Feb-16 21:21:46

Live in a typical victorian terrace, with lounge, dining room and kitchen at the back. Recently moved bathroom from kitchen and made a nice, eat in kitchen however, do regret not going for the side extension we considered even though we couldn't afford to do this anyway and meanie architect pretty much suggested we'd be polishing a turd Our kitchen is 3m x 4m so about as small as a kitchen/diner can be, so wondering whether to knock the wall between dining room and hall out and have sofas and wood burner in what was dining room and hope it links up well with kitchen/diner. Do you think this would work? Has anyone done anything similar? Currently dining room is pretty dingy so other alternative would be to open up lounge/dining room but don't have a need for a bigger lounge iyswim.

SwedishEdith Thu 04-Feb-16 21:25:51

Can you attach a floor plan if there's something on Rightmove that's similar?

ncforthe1000thtime Thu 04-Feb-16 21:39:31

Thanks Swedish, I've nicked this one off rightmove, sadly not my house but similar. The adjoining walls between kitchen and dining room have units on them. Also, no door in the doorway between kitchen and hall.

SwedishEdith Thu 04-Feb-16 21:49:21

Right, I see what you mean now.

I wouldn't knock through between the lounge and dining room at all. So, the dining room is a separate room, not connected to the kitchen at all except to go via the hall? In which case, I think I would knock out the hall wall and connect them. Or, can you move the hall wall back so that the staircase is enclosed? Otherwise, all the heat and noise from the dining room might just go upstairs?

kat088 Thu 06-Oct-16 23:08:45

I have exactly the same dilema, I need to knock down a wall as back room/dining room is very dingy. Also have new kitchen and wondering whether to
a) rip it all out and knock out the wall between kitchen and dining room, and the hall and dining room. Issue here is that there is an understairs toilet and will cost £££, plus may not be allowed as very open plan and we have a loft conversion
b) rip out kitchen, knock out kitchen/dining wall, block up hall/kitchen door - ££
c) knock out hall/dining wall

does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on any of these layouts?!

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