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CARPETRIGHT PLC (Professional Liars & Cowboys)

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genuineshopper123 Thu 04-Feb-16 05:49:37

BAD, DISHONEST, DECEITFUL, MISREPRESENTATION, NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE ....... See photo, PILE REVERESED .. LIGHT AND DARK SHADES on a plain carpet in every room I had fitted. Carpet falling apart in my hand as pile comes apart at the slightest tug between fingers. STORE not responding, MANAGER off sick, NO EMAIL ADDRESS apparently. EXAGGERATED measurements, off-cuts are huge and enough to carpet another room. I paid in full in advance, £2000, for laminate and carpet including all accessories. MISSING MERCHANDISE, half my order that has been paid for was never delivered, used or needed so Under the SALES OF GOODS ACT 1979 and CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT 2015 I am entitled to a full refund as I only had fitted 4 days ago. Lets see what response I get from TRADING STANDARDS, HEAD OFFICE, SMALL CLAIMS COURT. Stay away and do not deal with these cowboy. They are out to defraud for profit. BEWARE. Read all the horror stories allover the internet about this company, it's the worst ever, I wish I had done so.

HelpfulChap Thu 04-Feb-16 05:56:33


Good luck with you dispute. Hope you get your money back or it is resolved to your satisfaction.

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