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Aldershot/farnborough/ash vale?

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PlopTheBarn0wl Thu 04-Feb-16 01:16:36

We are looking to buy somewhere that means I can commute to weybridge and DP can commute to Guildford. Basically need somewhere near a station that suits us both as only DP can drive.

We can't afford Guildford or weybridge, or even Woking, so we've started looking across to Hampshire. Aldershot has a bad rep, but our money would go further, and commuting-wise, farnborough and ash vale would work well for us both.

So... Is aldershot as bad as people say? How are farnborough and ash vale? Or does anyone have any other bright ideas for locations? I feel like I've searched everywhere that might work!!!

Thanks smile flowers

Hberries Thu 04-Feb-16 01:38:15

I'd avoid those tbh. Knaphill, Brookwood, Pyrford, Milford and Elstead are nicer alternatives IMO. Bramley too. Good luck!

Hberries Thu 04-Feb-16 01:42:12

Sorry, not sure about the train links actually but those areas are definitely nicer.

lasermum Thu 04-Feb-16 01:48:42

What about Addlestone?

Lifeisontheup2 Thu 04-Feb-16 06:31:24

Farnborough is fine, I lived there for 10 years (only moved last year) , train links are excellent both to Guildford (Farnborough North station) and Weybridge from Farnborough Main line. Buses are reasonable to get to the station.

You do get much more for your money too, I wouldn't go for Aldershot as it's more complicated to get to Weybridge.

PlopTheBarn0wl Thu 04-Feb-16 18:23:30

Thanks all.

Hberries unfortunately either we can't commute from those locations, or if we can, we can't afford anything there sad

Addlestone works beautifully for weybridge, but trains to Guildford are a hassle.

What's so bad about ash vale?

We are also looking down towards godalming etc which is very nice.

Is the airport in farnborough an issue or is it not that busy?

HopeClearwater Thu 04-Feb-16 23:39:43

Airport in Farnborough simply not an issue. The town centre is a bit cruddy especially in comparison with a lot of the other areas suggested by previous poster hberries
Farnborough shops are unlovely and the traffic is crap in rush hour. However there is some really nice property there and lots to do.
Aldershot - yes you get a lot more house for your money, but there's a reason for that. The centre has been partly redeveloped and a brand new housing estate is being built, but it's got a long way to go before you'll find people who weren't born and brought up there recommending that you move there. There are some pockets of deprivation and schools are mixed to say the least.
Ash Vale is a bit of an overspill settlement now from Aldershot. Some nice bits. A lot of horrible bits. Again - can't recommend.
It gets more expensive as you go into Godalming but it's got a nice town centre. Trains into London from Farncombe.

HopeClearwater Thu 04-Feb-16 23:42:42

PS I should have been nicer about Farnborough. It's really not a bad place at all and has one of the best sixth form colleges in the country. Check it out smile

PlopTheBarn0wl Fri 05-Feb-16 00:10:56

Thanks hope, that is very helpful. I spoke to some colleagues today and their reaction to aldershot and ash vale was as everyone's on here, so I've been put off!!

This is going to have to be a waiting game I think as houses come and go fast in godalming and farncombe. We are in a strong position for first time buyers though, so hopefully something will come up!

HopeClearwater Fri 05-Feb-16 21:23:58

Good luck Plop!

mudpiesfortea Sat 06-Feb-16 12:30:33

Aldershot isn't very nice. Have you looked at Stoughton area of Guildford? Much cheaper than town centre but still walking distance to station and really close to A3. There's a few 4 bed properties in that area under £600k:

ooosaidooo Sat 06-Feb-16 15:38:04

Could you share the commute with your DH to Guildford every day and then catch the train from there OP?

The other option is to go further down the train line to Liphook or Haslemere, the commute is longer form Liphook but still under an hour and you get a lot more house for your money.

Haslemere has a fast train to Woking where you would change which makes your whole journey about 40 minuets. The other benefit to Haslemere is that it is a very well serviced line, so fast frequent trains to London/Guildford.

Having lived in both areas I would say the 2 don't really compare, especially if you have DCs.

IHeartKingThistle Sat 06-Feb-16 15:43:55

There are nice bits in all those places. We're in North Farnham which is a bit more expensive but not as eye - watering as Farnham itself. Godalming is lovely. Good luck!

Muskey Sat 06-Feb-16 15:51:06

I live in farnborough. Yes the town centre is rubbish but they have built a new cinema which will hopefully encourage other shops. Rail links are excellent. As someone else says the sixth form is one of the best around. Likewise farnborough college of technology is usually rated as outstanding by ofstead. There some really nice parts of farnborough eg North camp, empress park. I would steer clear of cove. Aldershot I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Ash vale has some very nice bits.

newname99 Sat 06-Feb-16 16:11:39

Godalming is lovely but expensive. Ash Vale can be fine, my friend lives there but schools are a problem.

Farnborough really should be a great place. Airport is actually an enhancement as the area around it has been very well developed.

It's good commuting, some lovely houses with really large roads but also some very problem areas which seem to dominate.

IssyStark Sat 06-Feb-16 21:34:46

Good friends live in Ash Vale and it's perfectly fine. The schools vary but there are good ones, decent local shops, easy access to walks over the ranges, good train links.

I'm sure there are less desirable bits of Ash Vale but that's true if anywhere unless you want to live in a solidly mc enclave.

RandomMess Sun 07-Feb-16 20:45:54

Addlestone or Byfleet and your DP drive to Guildford?

PlopTheBarn0wl Mon 08-Feb-16 19:41:13

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't realise there were so many more replies smile

Our budget is sadly nowhere near £600, which means unless we want a flat, we can't live in Guildford. sad

Between the two of us though we seem to have reached the decision that godalming/farncombe/haslemere etc will suit us best. We went for a drive and wander round godalming at the weekend and it's just my sort of place! So we're now playing the waiting game for all of those areas and just planning on viewing properties as they come up for sale.

We haven't discounted ash vale or farnborough either though.

Random that is another of our plans, plus addlestone to Guildford isn't too horrible on the train if it were needed.

Basically the conclusion is that we are waiting, ready to pounce when houses in our price range come up grin I'm not stressed yet, but give it a few months... wink

Thanks everyone flowers

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