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Selling nerves

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JadeFeather Wed 03-Feb-16 17:37:41

So stressful! Have a buyer that seems good but asked a question which we can't answer positively and now I'm sitting here wondering if it's going to be a deal breaker aaaargh

wowfudge Wed 03-Feb-16 17:52:04

What was the question and what's the answer?

JadeFeather Wed 03-Feb-16 17:58:23

Is there external storage space? No

icklekid Wed 03-Feb-16 18:03:34

Can't imagine that's a deal breaker just wishful thinking

wowfudge Wed 03-Feb-16 18:21:54

Surely they can tell that from the photos and description. Is there space for a shed/store somewhere?

missymayhemsmum Wed 03-Feb-16 18:30:36

Me too. Sale fell through after I had paid for a survey on the house I want to buy. The buyers just withdrew for 'personal reasons'. So we're back on the market- a few viewings but no offers yet. And estate agents who forgot to tell me about a viewing at the weekend.

JadeFeather Wed 03-Feb-16 18:33:03

Nope it's a flat so I guess they are wondering about communal spaces if that's what some flats have?

wowfudge Wed 03-Feb-16 18:33:13

Okay - so if you don't have a garage or a shed then you need to point out where there is storage, e.g. the loft is part boarded out, there's an area in the garden suitable for a shed and you could put a gate on the side path and lock it for extra security, etc. Don't just answer no!

JadeFeather Wed 03-Feb-16 18:33:42

Sorry to hear that missmayhemsmum hope you can sell soon.

wowfudge Wed 03-Feb-16 18:33:51

Okay - so what do other flat owners do with bikes, etc?

JadeFeather Wed 03-Feb-16 18:35:07

Have told them people store their bikes and prams under the stairs and there is an internal storage cupboard.

Bearbehind Wed 03-Feb-16 18:49:47

Calm down- you're going to drive yourself nuts otherwise.

On Monday you were stressing about the price, now it's the storage or lack thereof.

Assuming you've now accepted an offer then the price issue has been resolved; there will be a lot more questions before you complete but there's very little that can't be overcome, even if it is at a price.

There's absolutely no point in worrying about things that cannot be changed, like storage. The these buyers will either accept it or they'll move on an someone else will accept it.

JT05 Thu 04-Feb-16 11:45:29

You have my sympathies. We are post survey waiting to exchange. We think the buyers will pull out.

Some people find the whole process very emotional and it makes them anxious. The uncertainty is very difficult to deal with. I am in this category, but there is truly nothing you can do about things that cannot be changed.

Perhaps talking it through in RL, with someone who knows you but is detached from the process might help.

wowfudge Thu 04-Feb-16 13:47:51

You've just described me too! DP is tough on this stuff - very much keeps his business head on.

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