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How much work to do?

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Pedestriana Tue 02-Feb-16 16:36:06

Long story short. Elderly relatives lived in a flat in a block. They own the flat and pay maintenance charges for communal areas/roof/gutters etc.
Last year one relative died.
Other is now ill and moved to care home.

I don't live near the flat but when I visited recently, it's in some disrepair. There are some maintenance issues which I'm onto, but overall it's not been updated in about 25 years. Think brown-painted woodwork, very worn/holey carpet, ancient kitchen...

The flat will need to be sold in the near (but not immediate) future. I don't have much money and relatives money is mostly tied up in care package.

What are the essential things to do? Obviously fixing any damp, and taking up carpet where it's a trip hazard. All gas/electric will be tested.
Do I just take up all the carpet and leave bare lino?
Do I paint the walls?

It's in an area where property sells quite fast and at good rates right now, but I don't have funds to invest in an overhaul/revamp. I can stump up a few hundred for basics - so tell me, what would you overlook or be prepared to do for a flat in a good location?

Qwebec Tue 02-Feb-16 20:02:11

For an outdated home, I would say the important is to give the impression that the home was cared for. Marble floors on an outdated kitchen will not change much of the price, dirty and broken furniture would.

essentials: Clean, broken/torn stuff out,
white paint is always a winner, make the space feel bigger, brighter and makes it easier to imagine the space.

Pedestriana Tue 02-Feb-16 23:04:19

Thanks Qwebec - aiming to clear out the furniture and generally clean up the muck/dust.
White paint it shall be!

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