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Which shower Enclosure/tray

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lalamumto3 Mon 01-Feb-16 09:15:36

I am currently pricing up a replacement bathroom and the installation of a new shower room in our loft. The bathroom shower enclosure will be used by teenage son/guests and my teenage daughter will use the shower room. Therefore each shower enclosure will be used approx once a day.

There is a vast array to choose from, I know I would like a strong good quality brand. In our ensuite we have a Bette tray and a Majestic enclosure, it is lovely, but I wont be using the new bathrooms and so I am not as keen to spend a lot on them, but don't want to regret not spending enough!!!.

Does anyone have experience of Matki, Kudos, Merlyn or Roman? Also looked at CP Hart who have a sale so may be worth looking at. Or is there anyone else I should look at? As the showers will be used by teenagers, they need to be quite strong smile.

HereIAm20 Mon 01-Feb-16 15:38:10

We had Kudos with 8mm glass last time and have Roman this time with 10mm glass. The Roman does slide much more easily and has a lovely heavy expensive feel to it. This time round because the builder was prepared to pass on his Ridgeons account discount to us and his Roman discount was bigger than his Kudos discount we got the more expensive one (Roman) cheaper than we could have got the cheaper one (Kudos). We got the Ridgeons own brand shower tray (can't recall what their brand is) and went with the non-slip surface which is fantastic.

AesopsMables Mon 01-Feb-16 19:10:24

We have had the Merlyn tray fitted to our new bathroom.

1700x800 with swivel hinge glass screen. The tray is now fitted and awaiting tiling so cannot judge how sturdy it is but it is stone so would imagine it is strong enough

Loumate666 Mon 01-Feb-16 20:13:55

Ive just brought a couple of these for my two teenagers - seem pretty good so far. The shop will also do a deal if you're ordering a few things.

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