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Help with Survey results.

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lostinlego Sun 31-Jan-16 17:47:35

We are currently in the process of buying a house and have just received our survey which is making us doubt whether we should continue, I've copied the most scary bits in the hope someone with knowledge of these things can let me no how worried I should be:

Living room 1; it is understood there is no lintel to above the fire place area and there is a crack to the left hand side above the door. The area bows and sags to the opening to the fire and again this is a structural concern. It would be prudent to obtain permission for the area to be exposed for the Structural Engineer to attend.

The gable walls are deflected outwards and also to the front elevation. There is a step crack above the front door to the right side of the arch. There is also a step crack to the front middle gable section and a step crack in between the gable left side windows by the waste and overflow pipes and above the lower small window.

13.49 The cracking noted is a structural concern and there is a risk of this being progressive. Due to the extent of the cracking a Drain Survey is recommended plus a Ground Survey to ascertain the extent of the foundations and the extent of the ground the property is built on. Please see Inside Ceilings and Walls section as there is a concern internally with regards to lintels. It
is recommended a Structural Engineer attends the property as they must calculate the size of lintels and support of brickwork above. There is also a recommendation of increased works to the timbers within the roof and you should see the relevant section below.

13.52 The rear elevation is also deflected and the brickwork bows and a step crack to the left handside middle can be seen.

13.53 There is also a step crack to the rear elevation left side middle x2. Enquiries are also needed as to whether there is a FENSA certificate in place and if lintels were provided and is the specification available?

13.54 There is a risk of possible progressive movement and a problem with the surrounding ground and possibly drains failing. Also inadequate foundations.

There is also rising Damp and evidence of wood beetle but that is covered by the current owners damp proof guarantee.

One of the chimney stacks has a bulge, and there is a damp problem and cracks and bowing to the garage walls.

The movement needs to be investigated and fixed before our mortgage company will release funds anyway but would you walk away now or pay for the recommended surveys and buy after vendor has fixed problems?

Our worry is that although house will be fine for us to live in it will be difficult to sell in the future.

Thanks for any help.

PatriciaHolm Sun 31-Jan-16 18:11:14

Heavens. Remedial structural work, if required, could be very extensive and expensive - they could take months. It sounds as if the house has major issues both inside and out- i would be walking away.

lostinlego Mon 01-Feb-16 21:15:08

I think we will walk away, although we really liked the house I don't want to make a huge financial mistake.

IShouldBeSoLurky Mon 01-Feb-16 21:36:35

We had a similar shock when we got our survey back, although it was less alarming than yours. We got a few people round to have a look, showed them the results of the survey, and got ballpark costs for doing the work. Once you have that, you can negotiate on the price. Remember that anyone who makes an offer after you will get the same results from their survey so if the seller won't negotiate, they're shooting themselves in the foot.

We also had a really helpful chat on the phone with the surveyor - he advised us which trades we should get round to quote, how much of a reduction on the price would be reasonable, etc, all at no additional cost - you're his client already after all. So arrange a call first of all - it won't cost you any more than you've already paid.

whattodoforthebest2 Tue 02-Feb-16 09:11:19

Bowing walls and cracks in brickwork are a bad sign - it sounds generally v poorly constructed and the problems are likely to go on and on. This is coming from an ex-surveyor who loves old, character properties and lives in an 1860's Victorian money-pit. There are issues you can deal with and some you just don't want to go near. Sorry.

Moving15 Wed 03-Feb-16 11:37:01

Your surveyor sees evidence of subsidence. I don't think you should be paying for further surveys. The vendor should use their buildings insurance to investigate the problems.

lostinlego Wed 03-Feb-16 11:57:33

Thanks for the advice. We have told estate agent that we are pulling out, if they get the reports themselves and it shows everything OK in respect to movement then we may be willing to continue if we haven't found anywhere else. Hopefully something else will come on the market soon.

HereIAm20 Thu 04-Feb-16 18:00:38

Also no lintel above the fireplace means the whole area above it right up through the rooms above, the loft and up to the chimney is at risk of collapsing downwards - for me its a definite walk away I am afraid unless you are paying peanuts for a renovation required property.

halphgracie Mon 08-Feb-16 15:46:17


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