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Stonehouse, Gloucestershire

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Follypath Thu 28-Jan-16 15:17:06

Does anyone live in Stonehouse? Can you recommend it?

ExConstance Thu 28-Jan-16 15:29:48

I live nearby. It has good train links to London and to the north via Cheltenham. There is an interesting housing stock with lots of Victorian/Edwardian family houses. There are also a lot of very dull plain 60's type houses and if you don't like the co op you will have to shop elsewhere. It is generally regarded in this bit of the world as slightly dreggy, but I suspect that it is nicer than that to actually live in. Maidenhill is the local comp and its last report indicated "requires improvement" quality of teaching and pupil achievement both criticised. There is no excuse for this as many other Gloucestershire comps are very good. If I was moving to this area I'd look at Stroud instead, Thomas Keeble School is good ( Archway not so) and there are girls and boys grammar schools too (Marling and Stroud High)

Follypath Thu 28-Jan-16 15:42:25

Thanks for this. I live in Burleigh, daughter is at Stroud High. Want to move closer to train/shops/cycle routes etc. Never found anywhere in Stroud I could go home to!

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