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Deposit - Damage to our kitchen floor

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mamanestfolle Wed 27-Jan-16 17:26:44

Help please! We are moving out of our rented property next month. Unfortunately my steam mop went a bit crazy last week and has left a big mark on the kitchen floor. Our landlord has not protected our deposit and I would like to offer him a reasonable solution (we are buying a house next door to theirs so I am keen to stay in good terms!). WIBU to ask them to use their insurance to repair the damage? Or if we consider the flooring has a life expectancy of 10 years and was laid 8 years ago, replacement cost being £500, £100 contribution towards replacement / repair would be reasonable? Thanks for your advice!

specialsubject Wed 27-Jan-16 17:41:46

as he has hasn't protected the deposit he's no right to make deductions from it. He can be grateful if you don't sue him for 3 times its value, which you could do. So you hold all the cards. He needs to return your entire deposit, no questions ask. Doesn't stop you sue-ing.

I'm a landlord. I hate landlords that don't do it properly.

lalalonglegs Wed 27-Jan-16 18:41:39

The only reason it shouldn't have been protected is if your tenancy began before April 2007 and, if your tenancy started after that, then as specialsubject points out, the law is on your side. (I really don't understand why LLs don't protect the deposits, it's simple and doesn't cost anything.)

Regardless of what the LL should have done, if you have been good tenants for 8 years, he would be a twat to kick up a fuss about a bit of lino.

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