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Tenant Deposit

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absolutelynotfabulous Wed 27-Jan-16 13:39:40

Tenant has just moved out of property, having rented for three years. There's a fair bit of wear and tear which I'm happy to live with, but a bespoke fitted wardrobe is completely broken ie off its tracks with the mirror front cracked.

Should I take something off the deposit for this?

wowfudge Wed 27-Jan-16 15:43:11

I probably would. Depends how old it is, etc. From what you've said it would be part of the cost of a new mirrored door. You can't just subtract an amount to cover a new door on a like for like basis.

Sunnyshores Thu 28-Jan-16 14:26:29

Yes I would if its fairly new and/or expensive.

When I make these decisions its not just the cost of replacing but the pita its going to be to replace vs the pita its going to be to claim from DPS. I may let them off a £100 thing I could just go out and buy from wilkos, but a £100 thing that I had to ring around, get people out to measure, then Id charge them.

absolutelynotfabulous Thu 28-Jan-16 15:56:50

Thanks both. Yes, it's a pita!! And I can't let the bloody place out until it's sorted because it's dangerous too!

Bugger being a landlord...

wowfudge Thu 28-Jan-16 18:14:49

You could remove the door or doors and put a curtain on a net curtain wire up temporarily?

BatteryOperatedBoyfriend Thu 28-Jan-16 18:19:55

How old is the wardrobe? You we be able to clam it all back. Unless the tenant agrees, if it goes to dispute they will may allow you a portion dependant on the life of the wardrobe.

Do yo have a full inventory?

BatteryOperatedBoyfriend Thu 28-Jan-16 18:58:31

Sorry, that mean to say 'won't be able to'.

absolutelynotfabulous Fri 29-Jan-16 16:32:10

Thanks all. The wardrobe is a bespoke fitted one Tha fits into the alcove. There's a,matching one in the other alcove. I've got a guy coming to look at it next week, but I'm sure it'll be££££.

The curtain idea doesn't appeal, somehow.

Thanks again.

Sunnyshores Fri 29-Jan-16 20:00:41

Im sure the curtain idea wont look nearly as nice, but that alone isnt getting you more rent, its not getting you a better tenant, the tenant wont care and its likely you'll have damage to the door again - which by the sounds of it is going to be paid for by you.

You do just have to let go (obviously not of all style and quality) but you need to think of the business and profits.

wowfudge Fri 29-Jan-16 20:04:45

Well, your choice. You said you couldn't rent the place out with a dangerous wardrobe door so why not have a temporary solution while you get it fixed? It wouldn't be my choice either, but if it reduces your void period then why not?

absolutelynotfabulous Sat 30-Jan-16 10:00:55

Thanks all. The curtain idea is growing on me!!

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