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Should I replace conventional boiler with combo boiler?

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TeaPleaseBob Tue 26-Jan-16 18:24:39

I'm a bit clueless about boilers but have been trying to read up a little bit, wondered if anyone had any opinions to offer.

We have a 2 bed 1 bathroom house with conventional boiler system. The boiler is about 20/25 years old. It's serviced regularly and working ok but we're considering replacing it soon. Ideally we'd like to change a couple of radiators at the same time (changing location of one and possibly losing another altogether if possible).

As our house is fairly small extra storage space would be a huge bonus so we wondered about changing to a combination boiler. If I've understood correctly this would mean we could get rid of large water tank in the loft and smaller hot water tank in the airing cupboard?

Does anyone have experience of switching a conventional system for combi system? Also if anyone has done this can you remember rough cost?

Coldtoeswarmheart Tue 26-Jan-16 23:37:03

In our last house we did this, and I would describe our combi as temperamental.... we paid British Gas £3.5k for a Potterton and I understand now that was v. expensive, but it came with a longish guarantee which was just as well.

We had leaks at first, which meant the boiler pressure dropped and had to be raised again with an array of taps which I never really understood.

I never had a properly hot bath in winter after the boiler was changed.

DH wants another one in our current house. Can you tell that I don't?

I do know lots of other people who absolutely love theirs, though - mainly Vaillants.

TeaPleaseBob Wed 27-Jan-16 07:41:00

We this is what I'm worried about. We have hot water whenever we want it just now as water set on timer.

Me and DH have showers so it's really only shallow bath for DD needed most nights however I still want the option of having a bath myself.

Hmm will look into it some more I think. Thank you for sharing your experience

JustWantToBeDorisAgain Wed 27-Jan-16 07:47:26

Love our combi boiler, so much so when we move I plan to have one in the new place ( old boiler needs replacing) iirc they are more efficient.

We've not really had any major problems

mupperoon Wed 27-Jan-16 07:48:51

We had a combi boiler in our last house - it was a Baxi and was already 10 years old when we moved in, and we were there another 12 years! It broke down twice in the time we were there and was repaired fine. We had hot water on demand, no issues. However there was only two of us!

I want to replace the regular boiler in our new house with a Worcester Bosch combi. Gets rid of the tank and should be more economical as we're only heating the water we need then. Now there are three of us but hopefully we'll not all be showering, bathing and washing up at the same time!

shiteforbrains Wed 27-Jan-16 07:53:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Imperialleather2 Wed 27-Jan-16 20:01:06

We have just had a Worcester bosch combi fitted. We've got 5 beds and 2 bathrooms and it is amazing. I was really worried about not having a mega flow system but it is,really good.

Ours is a big beast but really quiet and piping hot water. I'm actually lying in the bath now topping up.the hot water and it's limitless.

Coldtoeswarmheart Wed 27-Jan-16 20:11:11

Imperial, what model do you have?

shiteforbrains Thu 28-Jan-16 00:33:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PigletJohn Thu 28-Jan-16 01:04:44

A combi may not be very quick at filling a hot bath.

Cedar03 Thu 28-Jan-16 12:30:22

We've got a Worcester combi boiler. We had it put in about 3 years ago. Had no problems with it so far. I don't think it takes any more time to fill the bath with hot water than the previous boiler did. The only thing which is slightly annoying is that it does take longer for the hot water to reach the upstairs bathroom so we waste a bit more than I'd like for washing hands in warm water.

BertieBotts Thu 28-Jan-16 12:35:01

Had a combi boiler in the last but one house and current one. First was a Victorian house and water pressure was terrible but I don't know if that was to do with the boiler. However, no issues with running a hot bath, it just took forever.

Current house the water pressure is much better and again no issues with heat - it gets the water much hotter than the electric heater in the last place.

Space is good! And those roof water tanks are horrible and mean that your hot water is likely contaminated with all sorts.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thu 28-Jan-16 12:41:36

I would only have a combi boiler if there was absolutely no other feasible option

we renovated a steading and had one installed, the plumber recommended it, no cold water tank, fewer pipes, no hot water cylinder, limitless hot water blah blah blah!!!

it was a Worcester leaked, it sulked, it leaked some more, no end of breakdowns, none of them fixable without a replacement part that would be a couple of days

the bath took forfuckingever to fill, the shower was good, but not fantastic.

If I had to have one I would always always always have an electric shower installed somewhere else.

If you have only a combi boiler you will end up having to boil pans of water for a bath and that is just soul destroying.

peggyundercrackers Thu 28-Jan-16 13:04:34

If you have only a combi boiler you will end up having to boil pans of water for a bath and that is just soul destroying

Eh? I've had a combined boiler for 17 yrs in various houses and never boiled pans of water to fill a bath - what a ridiculous thing to do.

If you read pigletjohns various answers to people who ask these questions it's all about water feed coming into your house and how much flow you have. If you don't have strong flow into the house then putting a combi-boiler in it won't fix your issue.

vickibee Thu 28-Jan-16 13:08:28

we chose a conventiona; boiler over a combi becuase we have 2 bathrooms, gas enginner said a combi only suited smaller useage. We got a vaillaint a month ago and it is fab. £975 for the boiler plus £400 for fitting which we thought was a very competitive price

TeaPleaseBob Thu 28-Jan-16 20:58:56

Will test water flow but we've never had problems so think it's pretty good. Looks like combi might suit us and I'd love the extra storage space we'd gain. It's really only shallow baths for toddler we run so not a huge issue. Only 3 of us in the house so sounds like it should be ok

Will get in touch with a heating engineer and do but more research into brands.

bilbodog Thu 28-Jan-16 22:20:13

When we moved here 5 years ago we swapped conventional boiler for Worcester combi. We were able to get rid of the water tank. We are 3 bedrooms and one bathroom with bath and shower - no problems with water pressure and hot water when ever we need it. Definately recommend.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Fri 29-Jan-16 11:24:10


You will have to boil the pans because the bloody boiler will be broken more often than it is working. So unless you wish to stink to high heaven some sort of hot water is required.

Unless of course you prefer a hose down in the garden with the sprinkler grin

peggyundercrackers Fri 29-Jan-16 11:56:06

Tondelay none of our boilers have broken down on us... the one we have now came with a 10yr warranty but we haven't had to use it in 7yrs. Thinking about my family none of their boilers have brown down either - parents have had their wb boiler for 18 yrs now and never had a days problems out of it - it's been excellent value.

Naty1 Fri 29-Jan-16 14:43:05

tondelay our wb hasnt broken down either in about 7yrs. maybe yours was just faulty to start and never fixed properly.
our previous back boiler was like 60yrs old (and still working) so not sure a combi would last as long as that
our boiler is in the attic and the bath fills very quickly. in a house we rented it trickled in. the boiler was on the ground floor and bath on first floor

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