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Tips on decorating ensuite

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namechangedtoday15 Mon 25-Jan-16 22:10:44

I know some people don't like ensuites but it's a done deal, family of 5 and need more than one bathroom!

It's going to be narrow - door in middle (opposite sink), shower at one end, toilet at the other. Think we might have to have bi-fold shower door.

Am thinking light colours, same colour on walls and floors, large tiles (will large tiles make it appear bigger?), large mirror. Wall hung storage? And of course, all on a budget.

Any tips?

Blueprintorange Mon 25-Jan-16 22:35:34

I'd tile the whole thing white, and add a colour with towels, it'll look bigger that way. Also a large mirror above the sink.

Large tiles will make the room look smaller.

LizzieMacQueen Mon 25-Jan-16 22:43:50

I don't think I'd go for too pure a white as that might be a bit clinical and I would disagree with Blueprintorange, I think large tiles will make the room seem bigger.

Bi-fold shower doors are a bugger to clean; well what I mean is there's an extra edge to factor in (iyswim). You'll need to an extractor fan.

JassyRadlett Mon 25-Jan-16 22:46:29

Definitely large tiles - they'll help to stretch out the room. One colour for floor and walls, too. I wouldn't do white - too clinical/public loo. We agonised but are going with a mid-grey which I think will look fab.

Blueprintorange Mon 25-Jan-16 22:52:08

A quick Google will show you that generally, large tiles make the room look smaller (because there's less of them!)

JassyRadlett Mon 25-Jan-16 23:07:39

I think a lot depends on the type of tile, colour (and obviousness) of grout, and how big is 'big' - and of course how the tiles are laid.

Metro tiles in a small bathroom look so busy, which I think makes a small room look claustrophobic.

Obviously one for personal taste and experience (which is what Pinterest and Houzz are for if you don't have firsthand experience).

namechangedtoday15 Mon 25-Jan-16 23:43:19

Thank you for the advice. Will get googling. I am tempted by large tiles as we are in a soft water area and grout always seems to discolour.

echt Tue 26-Jan-16 01:34:43

Think hard about the colour of the floor tiles.

I would always go for dark as it doesn't show the pubes/hair quite so much.

LizzieMacQueen Tue 26-Jan-16 08:21:15

Hotel en-suites are a good source of inspiration as they are often teeny-tiny yet stylish.

Roussette Tue 26-Jan-16 08:30:02

Love large tiles but wouldn't go for white, that's a bit public convenience! We have pale grey marbled and I love them. Then the wall colour tones in, and towels are similar colours too. I like neutral and plain though, I'm not really into bright accent colours like pink and orange as it looks a bit contrived.

I know someone who has accented with shocking pink, bathroom is plain and everywhere has a bright pink something, whether it be a towel, an ornament, a picture, a flannel... just a bit much. Just my opinion of course!

namechangedtoday15 Tue 26-Jan-16 09:55:14

Thank you! Any suggestions as to where to source tiles?

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